Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wow, been watching the news on the Katrina damage...its just unreal. I feel for the people there so much. I always wanted to live on the shore, but there is a price to pay. Its awful high this time.


Monday, August 29, 2005

The kids are gone, it was a nice visit. I felt guilty though if I didnt spend every waking second with them, so that stress is gone. Since I pretty much got to see them only a week this year I had to cram alot in. Unfortunately, I didnt have the funds to do everything I would have liked but still I think we all had a good time. Kelly doesnt change but Alex is a hairy sweaty man now. Thats so hard to believe. Not that long ago he was a chunky blond haired blued baby, he looked like one of the babies that are so pretty they use them to advertise stuff. He is still blond and blue eyed but not pretty LOL! He has to shave now, and his legs, well you cant see them for all the hair. He had a black eye from some martial arts he does. Unbelievable. Ask me if I feel old. Kelly being an adult isnt that jarring to me, she has always thought she was an adult. Anyway they are gone and life goes back to normal. Whatever THAT means.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad day at work, I am so far behind. They fired someone but wont hire anyone to replace her. I am sinking deeper in paperwork LOL! I am truly doing all that I can do, I really dont think I can possibly do more. Very frustrating.

Teen drama with Kelly, she and her boyfriend had some issues. Dont know whats going to happen there. She is showing him thoough I guess LOL she is off at the BHP football game with one of the twins (I love those boys!!! They are cutie patoties). Purely platonic but still it will probably drive BF to jealousy. Ah, the drama of it all.

Called Steve, I cried, I waited several days so I wouldnt but I did anyway. Its so sad, I was looking at pictures online of Bird and cried then too. I cry almost at anything anymore. I saw the Green Day Video "wake me up when Spetember comes" and cried Buckets! NOW I just hear that song and start blubbering!

one last day with the kids, they go back sunday. Kelly wants to go to breakfast at Sandys, hope they can get their butts up and out in time.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kelly ended up having strep throat, how special! I wasnt supposed to take her out in public but we did go to a 2;00 showing of the 40 year old Virgin (kids pic NOT mine). Since school is in here the theater was dead, I think we might have been the only ones in there. Movie was ok, it had a sweet love story which surpised me. I have no idea what we are going to do today. I want breakfast so We will have to go to Cracker Barrel I guess. I has ready a while ago but I am waiting waiting on them............


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I was getting annoyed that some of the blogs I read faithfully arent being updated often. Then I looked at mine and LOL I am doing the same thing!! I am bad bad bad. If anyone is out there, I will try to do better.

I've been really busy. The kids are here and Kelly is sick. Figures. So we are off to the doctor soon and then to figure out what to do today. I slept late, It was wonderful!! I wish I didnt have to work. I bet alot of people wish that! I used to not mind working but since I was so sick I have realized how short life is.

Speaking of short life, T-Bird, Steve's greyhound died yesterday, it was a tragedy. Angie's Greyhound Bobbi was sent peacefully to the rainbow bridge yesterday too, she was old and was just wearing out this life. These things come in 3's so I am hoping for no more bad news!


Friday, August 19, 2005

This morning there was a dead bird in my bed. Don't know the significance, hope its not like a horse head in your bed!! It was so tiny laying there, it was perfect. No blood or icky bugs crawling, I guess it hadn't been dead too long. I know its baby Star's handiwork. The little dogs take all their "prizes" under the bed so the big dogs cant steal them and Star and Wylie are the only 2 greys that can jump on the bed. Maybe it was a giftie like kitties give? Picabo used to leave me gifties but they were usually headless. ewwwwwwww.

AS far as I know the kids are still coming. I am pretty excited, like a kid myself! Kelly's room is an awful mess though. I have cleaned some in there but I have MUCH more to do. I hate cleaning, and all aspects of it. I love clean stuff, just don't like the actual process. Brent made a comment about the toilet in our bathroom being past an expiration date! LOL. I guess I need to clean it huh? I'll get right on that.

The whole house is a mess right now. We are redoing the floors and Brent wants to do it all himself, no help. He does such a good job..He is good at everything he does...I don't know how he ended up with a screw up like me. But the downside of him doing it is it takes a long time to deal with the mess. There is no way I can cook now and he hasn't even started the kitchen. There is a desk blocking the stove and a recliner blocking the sink. The recliner at the sink is not a bad idea, LOL sit down while I wash dishes (I hate that chore too). But its going to be interesting with the kids here, and the house tore up.

Well I have to go clean that toilet now. Here is a picture of the Baby Star, she had her one year birthday last week! Hard to believe.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well my new pretty pink shoes hurt my feet...but I wear them anyway. They are so pretty but damn my feet are hurting LOL.

The party went off well but I had to leave before it was over!!! grrrrrrrrr. Brent had accidently left Melvin outside and we had to come home. Greyhounds cannot take the heat and it was 95 here and miserable! Poor Melvin is the fuzziest greyhound too. I was so scared on the drive home that he would by laying motionless in the backyard..it takes an hour to get home from Becs. But it started getting cloudy the closer we got and he was just fine, not even really hot. The party went on without the organizer though and Anna sent pics and it looked like a good time. I just wish I had gotten some cake LOL

There is a girl at work that is gorgeous. I mean really attractive in every way. And lately she has gained some weight (she got married) and all she does is complain ALOT about how fat she is and how she needs to diet and what diet and what exercises. She is getting obssesive about it. This doesnt usually bother me but I am really tired of her goreous size 10 self complaining. I dont want to get into what size I wear but I havent worn a 10 since I almost died and literally could not eat. It gets old when I am carrying around alot of fat and I know I look like shit but I dont like hearing her saying how bad she looks when she is just so nice looking, I would LOVE to be her size!!

I have been thinking alot about Jude Law. I just dont get why Sadie would hire a nanny that looked like that!! (I saw her picture, she is a hot nanny). You gotta wonder, she knows her ex cant keep it in his pants...did she set him up?? I would like to think no but surely there are plainer nannys just as qualified?? And what is his problem that he cant lock a door? The kid walks in during?? I have had kids for 18 years now and not once have they walked in on me! I LOCK my door during.

I dunno what made me think of that. Thats enouigh meaningless rambing for today

Oh this pic is from the party...I am the short fat one in the middle in the black shirt. Anna is to the left of me, dixie to the right and Linda the tall one in back.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

I have so much to do today and here I am in front of the computer. I love my computer, I really am not sure how I procrastinated without one! Today is Anna's birthday party which somehow I got in charge of. LOL I dont mind, Anna is a great friend. Funny we did NOT get along when we first met and now I am throwing her a party! I usually am pretty good with first impressions from people, I am glad I was wrong.

New foster dog, the fattest Italian Greyhound ever! I swear this dog was on a twinkie diet or something!! Its so sad, her owner has brain cancer and couldnt take care of her anymore. her name is Katie and she is hates the greyhounds, she obviously never was around other dogs. She LOVES Brent, to the point of obessession LOL.The minute she saw him she ran over tail wagging and giving kisses. She tolerates me, this is a switch. The little dogs usually love me. We have tons of Iggy applications though so she should be in new home by September.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

What a week. Certainly had its highs and lows. Really low point, another frigging bladder infection, this one feels like my kidney is involved again. High point...I got some awesome pink sandals for 8.99! High point...the brats are coming for a visit in 2 weeks for sure and I didnt even have to deal with the ex to make it happen. Kelly did most of the work. I did have to ask off, and worried about that but it was ok. Low point...the baby Star literally got the piss scared out of her by loud thunder but she happened to be on MY bed when she wet herself. High point...work has been good this week, I am still a little behind but I got alot done and there was no drama. Oh, I Forgot one bit of drama but it didnt really effect me. Low point... had to take extra lasix yesterday, i felt like maybe I was getting the "drowning" feeling again. I am so paraniod where my health is concerned anymore. When I was healthly I didnt appreciate it.


Friday, August 05, 2005

Fridays have become so stressful at work since we leave early now. Love the afternoon off but I wonder if its worth it. Then arguing with Jane about my heart condition...seems SHE knows more that all the doctors and nurses I have consulted on my condition. It really shouldnt get to me, she is that way about everything. Gotta love her.

Wylie still drippy and bitchy poor girl I know how she feels. She is annoying today though.

Home alone, Brent is racing remote control cars. I just dont get it, I guess its a guy thang. I tried, I really tried to go and be with him and learn to be interested but I gave up. I am happier at home with Bravo and celebreality and my puppers. Although mint chocolate chip ice cream would complete the evening...hmmmm


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I overslept this morning and then stepped in dog poop when I got up. It was not a great beginning for today. I thought it would be a really bad day but it was ok.

Wylie is acting like she is in heat again, all whiney and drippy and grumpy as hell. She has been spayed TWICE now I really dont know what is going on!! Brent has so much faith in our vet but I am starting to wonder.

My parents 49th anniversary is tomorrow...I thought it was today and called a day early but I forgot last year so I guess I am doing good ha.

Read in the star that nicolette sheridan is thinking of doing reality TV. I would watch LOL! I thought my addiction to celebreality was pathetic until I saw how pathetic Whitney and Bobby are. How sad they are...how I love to watch! Dont know who is sadder!