Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where for art thou Earl??

Well Bummer. Crap. NO episode of My Name is Earl last night! I needed me an Earl fix! But NOOOOOOOOOO they show 2 freaking hours of the biggest loser. The show that kicks off contestants if they dont lose enough weight that week! What the F? I saw it one week and this guy lost weight but he didnt lose enough and got booted. Thats ridiculous, ANY weight lose should be celebrated. I like celebrity fit club better anyway. I am having a stressful week and I needed to see EARL dammit! grrrrrrrrrr. Why am I stressed? We are going out of town this weekend and I have 20 million gazillion things to do but haha you see where I am...sitting in front of the computer. I need to get motivated bigtime. Not only do I have to pack and all that but my 2 best friends are coming over to dogsit (they are BOTH coming because of my scary basement...wimps!) so I have to change sheets and clean every freaking nook and cranny OH and the kitchen is still a war zone, although its looking way better. SIGH.
If I had an Earl fix things would be better. That show is freaking hilarious...I think I have a little crush on Earl.


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tacky Tacky Tacky

I just read where Tom Cruise was voted tackiest celebrity of the year. How can this be?? Ok he has had a pretty tacky year from jumping around on Oprah's couch (my parents taught me not to jump on people's furniture when we were visiting, I guess his parents missed that lesson) to calling Matt Lauer "glib" to berating poor Brooke Shields for taking medicine to help keep her from killing herself. Thats a pretty tacky year, I admit but there are so many other worthy tacky celebrities out there!! Anna Nicole Smith...I dont think anyone is tackier than that except Ashley Simpson! Come on people give poor Mr Cruise a break, this is a joyous year for him with getting married (not yet but soon they say) and expecting a little Cruise. Never mind that he kicked his last wife out several weeks after renewing his vows while she herself was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. No he is not tacky at all. My vote goes to Ashley Simpson for blaming her band when she fucked up....


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mel's Favorite Things

I see Oprah has done her Favorite things show. I looked at the list, how lame! LOL I think I will do a list of my own. Now, My hubby is my absolute favorite thing, followed by the dogs. Oh yeah...LOL I guess the kids too. But Oprah didnt mention Steadman, just things. so Here are my favorite things.

1. Really ugly bedroom slippers from Freds...$1.97. They are hideous but my feet actually sigh when I slip them on.

2. Tim Horton's Coffee. A luxury for me since I have to have it shipped to SC. My friend Jo Anne from Manitoba (is that spelled right??) just sent me 2 cans...I am flush for a while. $11.99 for a large can.

3. Oil of Olay SPF 15 light face lotion $8. No skin cancer for me, I wear it every day.

4. The Dishwasher...a GE. Around $350. OK so its not hooked up and running yet but it will be a favorite when it is. I was so excited when hubby brought it home I asked him if I could have a minute alone with it.

5. Visiting my blogger friends online daily. Cant put a price on that but my DSL is like $25/mo.

6. I am an addict! $4.99/mo

7. My moms wedding dishes, they are Shawnee pottery and really collectable but very sentimental.

8. My Primpro hormone therapy. You really wouldnt like me without hormones, I am not very nice. I pity the doctor that tries to take them away from me!

9. Celebrity gossip. I know its soooooo wrong but I read Star and In Touch almost every week. Trent's blog every day has the best up to date stuff. Pink is the new Blog!

OK so I am the lame one from these items I see. Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

4 days off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I can endure this day I will have 4 freaking days off in a row!!!! Happy happy dance!!! I have no plans either. Gonna make the Canadian take me out to eat on thanksgiving since I still have the kitchen from Hell. But its looking better though. New stove, oven and stove hood on in place but not hooked up yet. Tiling the countertops is 1/2 way done. He didnt like the look of the black grout with the beige tiles...well DUH! So he has been chipping that out. Maybe a grey now? The new sink is a black with grey specks, its called granite and the appliances are black so he thought black grout. Wrong. Oh well.

Target is doing this really cool thing of haveing celebrities give you a wake up call for shopping the day after thanksgiving. I really like that idea, whoever came up with it is a marketing genius!! NOT that I am getting up that early...and shopping...ugh. I do most of my shopping online. BUT target has free shipping this weekend online so their ploy worked on me,,,I am so easy......

Happy thanksgiving eve!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Home renovation Hell

OK so we are renovating the kitchen now. No fun...messes everywhere. I have never lived through this before. Hubby is doing all the work so we dont know how long it will take. Ordering take out every night as nothing is hooked up. The dishwasher came and it was emo for me...I had to take a moment. When its hooked up and working I will be happier than a Pig in mud.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Baby had a bad bad day.....

Yesterday my puppy got a rip in her side, I think she hit the crate door in her haste to get her morning treat. She was screaming and bucking but it wasnt bleeding that much. The Canadian took her to the the vet becuase she had a sac of blood on her belly. Its a very bizarre looking thing. The vet kept her most of the day and cleaned the rip (which was more of a puncture he said) and lanced the blood sac. She is soooo pitiful!! She is better today but has a ways to go. Damn that greyhound thin skin! I still dont have a camera yet so I will post an old picture of the Baby Star. Her official name is Gilda's Carolina Star, but I just call her Baby, like in the movie "Dirty Dancing". She reminds me of Jennifer Grey in some strange way, and I never mind thinking of Patrick Swazye anytime. In fact, I think I will go think about Patrick now......hmmmm......

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have nothing to say.....

Really, I have nothing worth posting. So I thought I would post one of the newest Hubble Pictures. Its a star being born, gases and radiation make the colors I think? I dunno bout all that but its pretty pretty!

Friday, November 11, 2005

A Close and Personal Friend of Mine

I watched an award thingy the other night where Steve Martin recieved the Mark Twain award. I had never heard of that award before, but it sure seems apt. I grew up with Steve, I was about 17 when i first saw him on Saturday night live. I loved him, and my mom thought he was "silly" so that made me love him even more. I thought he was the funniest man around. His is the one and ONLY time I ever joined a fan club. I always thought fan clubs were kinda pathetic, but I got the coolest bumper Sticker ever. I miss that bumper sticker. I am way older now (so is he I understand and I wish he would just stop aging!!) and I still think he is one of the funniest people around, and my mom still thinks he is silly. Its funny, my kids are into all the old SNL shows and its like THEY just discovered him. My kids dont think he is silly but they think I am. That also is apt.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Staying awake at work........

Is very very difficult for me. Not that I sleep but I get dozy. My boss is 65 which is not that old but she HAS to have the thermostat set at 80 freaking degrees (sorry I dont know what that is in celcious, see I cant even spell it). that and the coffee maker is broken contributes to my sleepiness. I am not supposed to have caffeine but I have to suck it down to stay alert. Yesterday was the longest 8 hours.........weeeeeeeeee and I get to do it again today...and tomorrow. Funny, when I get home I am tired but WIDE awake LOL.

Urologist today for something called a CMG...I bet I am awake for that! I thought the Geneva convention protected me from torture! UGH.......Nothing has been pleasant in the urologists office.



Monday, November 07, 2005


Sucking on some hot Tim's coffee (yes I am addicting and its damn hard to get in SC) and reading the headlines. Its funny this morning, It says that Dubba is sending his entire staff back to ethics school!!! This shit is bananas!! LOLOLOL!! I could not make that up! So who taught the first ethics class, Tonya Harding? NO word on whether the big W is going to attend, frankly he needs it in my book!

Then I read that Guy Ritchie thinks Madonna is too old to wear such skimpy outfits. Frankly I am surprised he still has his balls after a comment like that to her! Too Old??? Ack. Although I hate what she is wearing lately she looks damn good in it. Whats with the Farrah fawcett Hair Madge? I love ya but that is NOT your best look.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bitch, bitch bitch........

Friday night that was me...totally furious and bitchy. Unreasonably so I guess, but you know when I am unreasonable there is just no reasoning with me! Hubby didnt quit the board of the rescue group we helped found but I did. Tired of all the bullshit and being made to feel like I was not doing enough no matter what I did. Mostly I was tired of the shattered freindships this caused. I get my feelings hurt very easily, and he doesnt care what people say about him. Anyway, after the board meeting they went out drinking. Thats another issue I have with some of these people, they live in bars and drink alot. Now I am NOT talking about an upscale bar where you can sit and relax and listen to music and sip drinks, or a club where you can dance. I am talking biker bars, the only reason to go is to drink. Anyway I was home alone and lonely and feeling very left out so I got pissed. I tried to sleep but the dogs act up when he is not home at night. At the least little sound they start barking and run to the door totally freaking me out. Needless to say when he got home at midnight I was not a happy camper, although I expected him to be later. Told you I was unreasonable. I really was, there was no need for me to get upset but thats me. When I got out the hospital and was so sick I relied on him so much and was so clingy. I thought I had gotten over most of that, but it lies dormant ready to come out at any time. Anyway, I am over it until the next bitchy mood afraid haha!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Last night I had a horrible dream. I dream alot but rarely remember them, I think i woke up in the middle of this one and maybe thats why its so etched in my memory. I have had worse dreams, I dreamed my dad died years ago before he retired and he was working nights. I couldnt go back to sleep until I talked to him, to this day i wonder if he thought it was strange that I called at 3 am just to chat? Now he has Lou Gerhigs and I face losing him in reality but thats a different story.

Anyway in the dream The Canadian had let the dogs all outside like he always does. I worry when he doesnt muzzle them and lets them all out together. Jeopardy had come back in the house and I thought she was limping and I said, "honey there is something wrong with her foot" and the Canadian was igorning me telling me everything was alright and I look at her again and there are 2 bloody nubs where her front legs were!!! And Hubby is telling me "oh she's ok" was like a monty python skit only it was so not funny in my dream... You know the black Knight, who has his arms and legs cut off and was yelling "oh its only a scratch". It was a stupid dream but it still has me a bit unnerved. I am posting a picture of Jeopardy with all legs intact.........


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I am a greyhound!

So I took this quiz I saw on Dixie's blog (thanx stranger friend) and it says I am a greyhound!!! How funny, since I am so passionate about greyhounds. Trust me, they are NOT like other breeds of dogs. I have 5 of them and would have more but the whole pack thing has to be considered. Plus the neighbors I KNOW think we are crazy. Mel the crazy greyhound lady.... thats me!

Here's the link to the quiz......


Now if I was just skinny like a greyhound!