Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday Field trip a day late...

I have been looking for the pictures of our house from the road to post but I cant find them so what I have today is a picture of my driveway!!!!! Exciting stuff huh?? We had the move the Neon to the back yard since the driveway is too small for 5 vehicles. I havent really decided what to do about the Neon. Because my dad went with me to pick it out during a really rough time in my life it just has emmotional attachements to it. Which is silly, my dad did lost of things with me. Anyway, back to the driveway. Actually I dont have anything else to say about the driveway, its pretty boring stuff but its all I got today!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

My mother is mad at me...

I made the mistake of disagreeing with her on the phone, and now she is mad at me. I am doing my best to get back in her good graces. It shouldn't be that hard since she has no friends and is lonely as hell, she needs me! But I know better, I know how my mom is, but I dared to disagree with her. She is upset because her nephew has not called her and brought the new baby by or invited her to come over. I just mentioned that I know what it is like with 2 children in diapers (my kids were 18 months apart) and he is too busy and tired to think about her. I don't remember calling people when my kids were that little, pretty much I was a dead tired Zombie most of time. Anyway, now she says I am "taking their side". WTF? We have sides?????

I am leaving next Friday to spend an entire week with her, I hope I make out OK. Wish me luck. I am really excited though, I miss my Mom even if we are kinda like oil and water and she gets more paranoid with each passing day. Plus Stuffgirl is coming Sunday and spending the rest of the week with us. I am not sure what Kornfan's plans are but he better spend some time with his mother!!! The only bad thing is Hubby is not coming, we have a dog sitter crisis again and no one to watch the dogs.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Night Riding...

Hubby and I went for a ride after dark again tonight. We are not going to have but maybe another month before it gets too cold at night for fun rides. Day rides will be OK probably for a couple of months yet, that's one advantage of living in the South. Its so nice at night right now., the full moon looked close enough to touch. And oddly enough I feel totally safe on the wing. Hubby says it all has to do with trust, you have to completely trust the driver, but the bike is part of it too I think. The bike has lots of lights, if someone cant see us coming then they are blind! Hubby was fooling around with the flash on that first picture, I think gives it a cool effect!

Another Diabetes class today. It was me and 3 other old people and their spouses. It was pretty bad, the 85 year old couple made it to their car way before I got to mine and we were parked next to each other! Its bad that really older people have more mobility than I do! I noticed
alot of older couples today at the health center and alot of them were holding hands. That's so sweet I think. My parents still held hands after 50 years. I want that, Hubby and I rarely hold hands anymore, I need to talk to him about that. Back to the diabetes class. She said never ever eat fruit as a bedtime snack, its fine any other time but not at bedtime. I am new to the bedtime snack thing, I used to never eat after dinner. That is one cool thing is I have to have bedtime snacks now :) I have to thank Jimmy City for the tip about the cinnamon. No doctor or nurse has mentioned this to me but after Jimmy told me about I went online and its helped so many people I wonder why the docs didn't mention it?? It has made a big difference in my blood sugar, thanks Jimmy!

Its almost 1 am and I am still awake. I
don't know what is up with that, I usually am in bed by 10 but the past few weeks its midnight or later. I need to get back to getting to bed earlier, I need my sleep! I am going to bed now and force myself to sleep!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Movie Review Monday!

I watched a couple of movies this weekend, some lifetime movies that I love but I will not review them now. The first is a movie I caught on the Sundance Channel. I love this channel, this one and IFC have movies you cant see anywhere else.

The Mighty Celt is a movie about racing greyhounds! Well, not really its more of a coming of age movie about a young boy that works in the kennels and trains The Mighty Celt. Gillian Anderson is wonderful in this, really I didn't know she was such a good actress. I was a major XFiles fan (I have the theme song as my ring tone right now, I am a dork!) so I like her but I didnt know her acting range until I saw this. I thought this would a happy dog and boy story. Not so! There are graphic scenes of animal cruelty, things that are NOT fiction, things that really do happen in some kennels. I have heard the abuse is exceptionally bad in Ireland (where this movies takes place) but its all over. There are owners that do not care one bit about the dogs and only see dollar signs, when the dog stops making money awful things can happen. Most owners are not this way but there are always some bad ones. Anyway, off my soapbox and back to the movie. The movie was excellent, but one scene was so horrible and I did not expect it and I really was traumatized the rest of the day. Its good its out there so people can see what happens but it was too much for me and kinda ruined the movie for me. I am a softie where greyhounds are concerned!

Then I went to see Sydney White the new Amanda Bynes movie. I needed to cleanse myself after the first movie and this was perfect. The critics have panned this movie but I really liked it, it was my kind of happy movie. The premise is the Greeks vs the dorks on Campus. The dork guys are all so awesome, its like the new Nerds but the humor is not as gross. I liked it alot, I like her alot.

What did you see this weekend? I saw Slick went to see Good Luck Chuck and he really liked it, check out his review too!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Middle name Meme....

Here's how it works I get to state a random fact about myself using the letters of my middle name. I love my middle name. Its Faith and when I was in middle school I tried to get everyone to call me Faith instead of my real first name but it never caught on.

What fun!! Here we goooooooooooooooo!

  1. F. Fluffy, as in I am not fat I am fluffy. Also its a cool word to say. Fluffy!! Say it with me...FLUFFY
  2. A. Afraid. I was a afraid last night, Hubby was on nights and someone knocked on my door at 10:30 pm. I was freaking out!!! I called hubby to see if he was expecting some computer customer to come by. He was not. But he wanted me to check to make sure our motorcycles were still there!!! Like, motorcycle thieves often knock on the door!! Anyway, I found out my neighbors where having a party and I think someone knocked on the wrong door. I don't know I didn't answer it I just sat inside and cowered with 91 punched into my phone, waiting for something to happen so I would be forced to punch in the other 1. Yes, I am a wussy.
  3. I. Ice. I love Ice. I like lots of ice in a drink and then I want to chew the ice. I am addicted to chewing on ice. Hubby hates it, he says its annoying. My response is to chew more ice hehehe. Also, I have been drooling over several items on so feel free to buy me anything from here.
  4. T. Twenty four hour urine. Yes, this is what I am doing today. TMI? Get over it LOL. My doctors seem very interested in my blood and my urine. Evidently the secrets of the universe can be found in my 24 urine. Who knew?
  1. The Hills. I love love love this show!! I don't know why maybe its because I will never be young and beautiful in La, so I am living vicariously through them. I know it the only way my sorry old ass where ever see the inside Le Deux. Anyway, GO team Lauren! BOO team Heidi and Spencer (speidi)

Don't ask me why instead of 5 it went back to 1 above. I just cant seem to get it to do right so I give up. But I have to tag 5 people (There are 5 letters in Faith so that's why its 5.) so here they are the luck lucky people:

Dick Small Because I really want to know what his middle is. If it starts with a B it would be funny in a beavis and butthead kinda way.

Jen at Casual Slack because she is so damn funny and I need to laugh today. No pressure Jen, just be really funny OK??

Fantasigirl for the same reason as Dick. What is a super hero's middle name??

My Cybersis Poody because I just puffy heart her.

And Parlancheq. I just started visiting her blog and she also is pretty funny. Hope its OK!


Friday, September 21, 2007

First Friday Field trip!

Thanks to Sushiboy

For this great idea!!

Last weekend we went up to Lake Lure, NC. It was dark when we got there but here are some pics.

Here is the view from Larkin's on the lake, a restaurant where we gathered together to celebrate Bec's 40th birthday. I know its kinda dark, the view is awesome though. The clouds were so low in the mountains!

The birthday girl with her birthday desert . I had to have one bite of this, it was sinfully good!
The table on the outside deck. I think I have mentioned this before but the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed at lake lure and there is at least one scene in the movie that was filmed on this outside deck. The scene where they are practicing the dance lift is filmed in lake Lure.
This is some sort of decoration there, I don't know what it means but its pretty cool.

Finally, presents! Hubby and I gave her a pair of earrings and a Napoleon Dynamite talking key chain. She absolutely hates that movie (I don't understand why she hates it, Its one of my Favs!) so whenever I see anything relating to it I get it and give it her.

That's all for this field trip. We had planned to stay the night at a cabin that's some one's boss let them use but there were tornado warnings and watches out in our town and I was so worried about the dogs that we came home. I know I know, but I couldn't enjoy myself for worrying about them. They are my babies. But I would have gotten some better pictures if we had stayed.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Someone asked if I was drinking plenty of water?

This is part of my desk at work. My coworker had been giving me a hard time about the empty water bottles and drink cups that I sometimes leave on desk overnight. Anyway, it really seemed to drive her crazy. So one day last week, she left early and I went to everyone's desk and collected their drinks for the day and put them all on my desk. This is just part of the collection, the other 1/2 of my desk was covered too. She about died laughing when she came in the next morning. I thought about covering her desk but I think it was more effective on my desk. Anyway, I am trying to be better and not leaving my water bottles on my desk overnight
The sprite zero was mine NOT the Dr pepper (but man would I love a REAL Dr pepper right now). I have been so good my fasting sugar this morning was 87!

Tomorrow I go for another ct scan, this one with contrast. It kinda pisses me off because if you have been keeping score you will know I JUST had one last week, the same test but without the contrast. SO I have to pay another $75 copay, and I am sure my insurance will balk at paying this new one. Why didn't they do it all at once? Also I have to stop my diabetes meds for 3 days, and I just am feeling like I have some control over my levels! Oh well. Such is life. My side and back is still killing me, how long does it take to pass some freaking kidney stones??? You can see above that I am drinking lots LOL!


Monday, September 17, 2007

The Internet will kill you!!

Literally, it will kill you like it did this guy

Check it out!

Now I wonder how the Internet can lead to death by exhaustion? I mean you are just sitting there even if you are gaming. But if Internet addiction is fatal, I am a goner.

I have to have another CT scan tomorrow but so far the urologist doesn't think the stones are bad. It sure does hurt though. I guess nature will take care of them sooner or later.


Edited to add:
I have no idea why the date on this is Monday but I posted it just now and today is Wednesday Sept. 19.

Movie review Monday!

Hubby and I have been watching movies like crazy lately.

First we saw Kinky Boots

Loved this movie!! Its supposed to be based on a true Story. The guy who plays the transvestite is so good, he can really work that look and attitude. I also saw him in The Serenity movie, I will save that review for another day though. This is a feel good movie, it really makes you feel good. Its about a shoe factory that is going under, and the owner decides to make sexy footwear aimed at transvestites. The catwalk scene is brilliant!

Then we saw Sherrybaby
This is not a feel good kinda movie, its gritty and realistic. Maggie Gylenhall should have won an award for this . Its almost shocking how low this girls life can go, but in a way its kinda makes you feel good because it really leads you to believe she is going to make it despite all odds. She's an ex con drug user (crack and something else) who is trying to reconnect with her young daughter but her brother and his wife have been raising her and try to stand between her the child.

Then we went to to the Theater and saw Superbad.

I know alot of people will disagree with me but I hated this movie. It was a gross and awful language and I refuse to believe teenage boys cannot have a conversation without being demeaning to women and coarse profanity. The parts with Seth Cohen were pretty funny and the kids were great actors (I really like the kid from Arrested Development) but this was not my cup of tea at all. Don't hate, I cant help it I just did not like it. The whole plot of the movie is underage kids trying to get alcohol so they can get laid.

I think I may make this movie review monday and regular thing. Anyone else want to do it too?

Have a mentioned that kidney stones really hurt? Tomorrow I go to the urologist for what I am sure will be an expensive fun little visit.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16, 1960

was a friday. I was born at 11:55 pm and was completely bald.

The number #1 movie that day was

The time magazine cover was the Shah of Iran

And this is a sofa that was designed in 1960, I love this!
And the cost of a cartoon of eggs was .57 cents.

Today, sunday the 16th I an 47 years old. I would really like 47 comments if possible :)


Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm feeling more than a little foolish...

Once I said I might not continue with the blog I've had the most inspiration for blog posts than I have had in a long time. So I am back and feeling foolish.

I have been so depressed lately and I don't know why. I have zero self esteem and that's part of it. You see, I was an ugly child. Very ugly, fugly in fact. I was overweight, had horrible teeth and coke bottle glasses. And we all know what happens to children that are ugly or don't fit in. They are humiliated and laughed at by all the other kids. Kids are the worst, they are like a pack of wild dogs that go after the weakest member of the pack. I had few friends, and what friends I had were outcasts also. I am not exaggerating either. Once the kids in my neighborhood wrote a letter to my mom in which they told her I was the reason for the pollution in the world (clever weren't they?) Boy was my mom mad, even I knew better than to mess with my mom LOL. I am not sure what their parents did but my mom made sure every parent was aware of their little darlings actions. Anyhoooo. I grew up, got thinner, got braces and contacts lenses and by high school I was not the one picked on anymore. But the scars remain to this day. so when I get depressed for whatever reason, I think no one likes me, that I am worthless and my husband doesn't love me. It makes no sense, I had the best parents and always felt loved at home but still to this day I am the kid that never got picked in gym glass.

But I am feeling better, I think I am coming out of this mood. I am lucky I don't struggle with the kind of depression that some people struggle with. My moods don't last too long and I am always able to get myself out of them. I really feel for people that fight depression all the time.

But your comments made me feel loved and that helped alot. Big hugs to the bloggers!!

Oh and I got the results back for my mammogram and Its clean! YAY!! But I also got back the results for the kidney scan and I do have kidney stones. And they are too big to pass so I get to go to the Urologist Tuesday to discuss options. In case anyone was wondering, kidney stones hurt like a mother!! But at least it explains my side and back pain I have had for a while. I have 3 stones, 2 on the left and 1 on the right. Fun times.

Tomorrow I will be 47 years old and my goal is to get 47 comments tomorrow. I have high hopes!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

To Blog or not to blog.....

I have become very discouraged with blogging lately. I started doing this for me, for my complaints and introspections. For a release when I am upset and also for a time line, I can look back at this and see what I was feeling and how things were at that time. Like diary I guess, although I never had much luck with sticking to those.

Anyway, now it seems like like I am blogging for others. I love comments (even the bad ones, well sometimes LOL) and started changing my blog to suit what I thought others would like. No one wants to hear a person that bitches and complains all the time, especially about medical issues. So Now I feel kinda stuck in a rut. My readership has decreased and I am not blogging about stuff I want to blog about. So I just don't know whether I will continue posting. I will continue reading and commenting on other blogs because I am so addicted to other people's blogs, I just love some of you guys and gals out there! But I am going to take a few days and see how I feel. I will probably come back but it will be different, if I want to rant and whine about being in constant pain I will.

But before I leave I have to say that I do NOT think Britney spears is fat at all!!!! Out of shape for sure but not fat. A poor wardrobe choice for the VMAs for sure but the girl is not fat!!! She gave a lousy performance but she is not fat! I feel sorry for her, I would be suicidal if I was the butt (hahaha) of so many fat jokes. She had 2 kids in 2 years, she looks great, I would kill to be her size! So lay off the fat jokes people, its not funny.

later maybe

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Did you see the MTV awards?

The only reason I watched was to see Britney's performance. But she was a disaster! She was barely moving, it was obvious she had not rehearsed at all! The back up dancers were WAY better! Her lip sync hing was way off, she was not even trying! And she gets PAID to do that? I honestly could not believe how bad she was! I was really pulling for her too.

I stole that photo from Perez Hilton but I don't think he will mind since he steals all his photos too :)

Hubby and I did go riding Saturday and I took my camera but there was nothing exciting to take pictures of. Well except we did see Bill Murry out driving around:

Well it could have been Bill Murray! I watched lost in Translation again yesterday, I just love that movie.

Yesterday my coworker had her baby, a girl they named Reese. She is a DOLL! I got to hold her but her mom was in the shower and I
don't know her husband that well so after 10 minutes of awkward silence where he kept sneaking peaks at the football game on TV I left. Don't you hate awkward moments?

Back to work today UGH.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

I have been DECLINED :)

So I was denied Disability. But get this, they didn't even ask me about my medical problems or my history or any medical questions at all! LOL I don't get it. But its OK, I wasn't completely sure I wanted to do that anyway so its a sign. But I have gone through one denial, I can reapply when/if my condition gets worse and I wont have to start over, since this one is on the books. They denied me QUICK too. LOL its just like Health insurance, they deny claims quicker than they pay them.

The doctor was very pleased with my blood sugar numbers even though they aren't as low as she would have liked. They stay between 110-145 and she says that's great compared where we started at (around 300) so yeah me. Now I would KILL for a regular coke though and did treat myself to 4 ounces a few days ago. It was SOOO good. I will never get used to diet soda!

I have a CT scan scheduled for Tuesday, I thought I had another kidney infection but the doc thinks it may be a kidney stone. I don't have any infection but there is alot of blood in my pee. (TMI maybe??) and it hurts like a mother! My dad had kidney stones for years.

Hubby is off today and we are going to go out riding the Wing! I haven't been in 2 weeks. My side really hurts but am not letting that stop me, I have taken some Tylenol and if it gets really bad I will break out the ultram, but I am going! I will take the camera.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Guess what today is????Yes, its mammogram day, I know you are all jealous and wish you could could go get squished to death too today!


Monday, September 03, 2007

A very quiet holiday

I am so boring. I only left the house twice the whole holiday weekend, and today I didn't leave the house at all!
So there is not much to blog about here. I did promise a picture of my new bag (its about a month old now though) so I thought I would post that. This bag screamed at me as I walked by, I HAD to have it. Not only is it pink but its got all kinds of bling and I am ALL about the bling baby! And it was on sale for $28!! Its a Kathy Von Zeeland for those of you into the names.

News from cousin, the Maytag repair man and his wife had a baby girl, she is healthy and all went well. Mom says they named her Sara. So the truth is the Maytag repairman IS not the lonliest guy in town LOL! I just love those commercials, great advertising there!

Stuffgirl got proposed to....well in a way. The theme park where she works at has a foreign worker exchange program, I don't know much about it. But this Russian has asked her to marry him so he can get a green card!!!! Luckily stuffgirl is not taking him seriously although she did tell me he is "adorable". She wants to get back with military guy. She dated him 2 years ago, before she got her heart broken by long hair guy.

Kornfan LOVES his guitar and is starting an apprenticeship in heating and air soon. He is working at the theme park too right now.

I have been busy filling out the application for disability. Its pages and pages and they want exact dates and all that. Its hard work LOL! I am still not sure I am doing the right thing but I have an appointment Friday with the disability people so there is no turning back now I guess.

Hubby has been swamped with his computer repair business the last couple of weeks! It was dead for a while and them BOOM he had all these people calling. I hate it because he has been too busy to even go riding lately and now he is on nights at his regular job.

Anyway I think that's all the news. My sugar levels are all over the place still, its crazy. I am not sure when I see the doc again, it may be this week, maybe next week. I have all my appointments on my calendar at work.
anyway, Told you it was boring here!


Sunday, September 02, 2007

The power of the hair compels you!

I found this on and thought it was worth posting. Hope everyone is having a good Holiday weekend! I have slept in every day, its been AWESOME!