Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Field Trip! Carytown VA and the sweet hat!

Well again I havent been anywhere for my field trip this week. But Stuffgirl sent me a picture of herself posing in a shop in Carytown and its so great I thought I would share it! Carytown in Richmond, Va is one of those cool older neighborhoods that has the neatest little shops, its really fun to go shopping there. I miss being able to go there and am happy she has discovered this fun little place. Below are some pics I snagged off the net

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My son the Rockstar!

So Kornfan's band had their very first gig last saturday night. They were the intermission band and only played 3 songs but thats still great!! He told me later it was unreal the rush you get on stage and people are screaming for you. I asked him if it was like being high, and he paused and said....nooooo.....I think he thought I was trying to trick him into revealing whether he has ever been high or not haha. Maybe I was, but it was subconcious if I did. Stuffgirl went and forgot her camera so I got was a cell phone pic ( I admit I cried some because there was another first my kids had that I couldn't go to, i would have done anything to be there. If he had given me more notice I would have been there). Even his sister raved about how good they were. He does this trick, he puts his guitar (yes its his graduation present I gave him last year) behind his head and plays it, and Stuffgirl said the crowd went wild when he did it! No doubt about it, I am a proud mom. He did have bad news last week though, he was laid off at work. Not by the union but the company he was apprenticing with. The union has assured him that in the spring when business picks up he will more than enough work. He is was low on seniority so he was the first to be cut.

Now, my Saturday I went out of my way to go to the bargain grocery store again. You really save money but the crowds were unreal. Anyway, the guy was bagging my groceries and I noticed they had paper bags and I asked for the paper bags. He HANDED me 3 paper bags, asked if that was enough and continued bagging my groceries in the plastic bags!!! Maybe I need better communication skills because I wanted my groceries IN the paper bags, now I killed trees AND made more landfill plastic crap.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Humorous Pictures

How was your Monday?

Actually, mine wasn't too bad. After so many awful Mondays I was due a decent one I think. Work went smooth, and other than a bird that got in the house from the dog door everything was fine on the home front. But, let me tell you, when you don't dust your ceiling fans like you should and you get a bird in the house and say said bird likes to flitter around the fan blades....well you get dust EVERYWHERE. I guess I need one of those duster thingies on a long pole, I have a long swiffer but its not quite long enough. Remember I am short and because of my leg issues I don't get up on stools much anymore so the dust collects and collects until Hubby cleans them. He is awesome at cleaning, he cleans better than I do (he is a bit OCD and that helps) but he hasn't thought to dust them lately. Major mess. That and Bird poop on my stove! ewwwwwwwww!

But all in all not a bad Monday, I have had much worse.

The picture has nothing at all to do with this post but it really made me smile.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

She must have some major gas....

Since she is "not expecting"...


Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Field Tripper...

Again I haven't been anywhere exciting so I am posting pictures of my dogs. I took this with my phone, it really takes great pictures. Took me forever to figure out how to use it, it has a wicked delay Its been a nasty week here, cold rain and just dreary outside. But I caught Wylie looking out the window yesterday when we had a rare moment of sunshine. I think she was watching one of the neighbors cats, and look at her ears standing straight up! Greyhounds usually have their ears back most of the time, and they stand up when something has really caught their attention. Thats Deuce on the floor behind her.

I am so happy its Friday! I love Fridays, the promise of the weekend lies sleeping in days. I LOVE to sleep in more than almost anything, although its kinda sad though when I think about it. I guess you are getting old when you like to sleep so much. Its not that I sleep all that late, 9 is the latest I ever sleep but its just not having to be rudely awakened by an alarm when its so dark and cold outside that I love.

Hubby and I have a rare day off together tomorrow. Yay!

OH!! I roughly estimated how much my trip to Jekyll will cost and it looks like I will be able to go!! BUT I wont be able to spend alot on cute greyhound stuff. Thats ok, I have alot of stuff already, here's a couple of pictures of some of my crap :

So as you can see I really don't need anymore. Of course, I didn't need all those either but I love my stuff so much. Everyone loves stuff, right?


Thursday, February 21, 2008

My vacation

In 2 weeks I was supposed to be going on vacation to Jekyll Island, Ga. Its the annual Sandy Paws Greyhound gathering, I have only missed it one time since it started 5 years ago. I started stashing away money to go a few months ago. But we have had a recent financial crisis at our house and I had to pull out my stash to help us out of a bind. So now I am not sure whether I will get to go or not. I am pretty down about it, I always look forward to getting away, and greyhound events are the best! I hate letting my friends down too, we were going to split the Hotel Villa 4 ways, so if I cant go they will pay more. But they are actally vendors there so they hopefully make enough to cover the room, but I still feel bad.

Anyway, I will updating the situation, when I know more you will know more. The picture is one I took in 2006, I didn't go last year.

Update on the work situation. Well, there is no real update. For everyone else things are pretty much back to normal. The co worker is not speaking to me so things are not normal for me. Its still really weird for me, but not as tense as before. I am still pretty concerned about the threats, I am probably going to make a formal complaint but I doubt if they do anything. They are exempt from the many rules the Government has on business since they have less then 20 employees.

Oh did anyone watch AI last night?? One of the girls had a BAD case of camel Toe, really I cannot believe they let her go out on stage like that!!! The camera people must have noticed too because they only showed her full body once, the rest were just upper body shots LOL. Poor girl, I would have been MORTIFIED!!

As for Project Runway, Team Christian woohooooooo!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh Bother.....

Because there have been personality conflicts at work, we all had to take a personality test, then we are going to have a meeting to discuss the results of everyones test. Its supposed to help with the situations at work, I kinda have my doubts as to whether it will work or not but an office meeting to get out some gripes is something we have needed for a long time.

Anyway, I took my test and it turns out my personality matches are Queen Elizabeth II and Eyore. Who knew those 2 had so much in common? And now what do I do with this information??

My leg is still hurting, I am getting parnoid now about it wondering if its another blood clot. I am on the blood thinner but I still can get them. I am being silly I know but if its not better tomorrow I guess I will go see the doctor.

Oh bother.


Monday, February 18, 2008

MySpace Comments - Monday
MySpace Layouts - Monday
Free Comments & Graphics

Its monday, can you feel the excitement??

I truly hate Mondays. I really do.

So I thought about the situation at work all weekend wondering what I should do. For now I have decided to do nothing, nothing I can say or do will make things better I think. This wouldn't bother most people I know but it really upsets me. But everyone's advice is to ignore her so thats what I am going to do. But if any more threats come my way I will take some kind of action...not sure what LOL.

I decided to go grocery shopping Saturday instead of my usual Sunday and I am so glad I did. Yesterday I had one of the bad days where my legs hurt so bad all frigging day. It was the worst its been in a while...I lived on pain pills yesterday but they didn't help much. Then last night they got better just about the same time we had some terrific storms in the area. I still say the weather changes effect my symptoms, but the doc says it doesn't. What the hell does he know? Anyway, I went to the bargain grocery store Saturday and got a buggy load of stuff for $41! I hadn't gone there in a long time and I forgot how much you can save.

Its a bank holiday today which means no mail at work, usually I get to take some time off during bank holidays but we are way behind so this will be a good catch up day. But the catch up work is pretty boring so it should be a LONG day.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Its another friday field trip!

This is not as good as Amy's field trip today (check her out!) but its more pictures of the short trip we took to Virginia a few weeks ago.

The whole family, except the Canadian took the picture.
The brats, Kornfan and Stuffgirl in front of the IHop. What? You dont make your kids pose in front of the IHop??

This one is a little better. They HATE posing for pictures and I forgot to get a good one and made them pose in front of IHop before we left. They were thrilled.

Since hubby wasn't in the family pic, I thought I would post one of him.

Well its after midnight so its not Friday anymore but I started this Friday field trip on Friday, honest!


Valentines, a day to feel loved and despised at the same time!

My hubby sent me those flowers yesterday at work, he done good!! I really had a nice valentines, and i have had some bad ones in the past. I know alot of people feel valentines is just a commercial holiday but I will take any gesture of love I can get, I am that insecure or needy, not sure which one. It made me feel alot better, I have been pretty depressed about the situation at my work. The situation there is no better, although my boss says I was in the right and did nothing wrong its stressful to work in a small office where someone has threatened (not to my face though) to "beat the crap out of me". Yesterday my boss had a talk with her where she refused to admit that she was wrong, even though the boss said she was not doing her job and it effected everyone else. She thinks its all a big conspiracy. She was crying hysterically and kept saying she didnt do anything wrong and the boss kept saying yes you did. I truly think she is mentally unable to comprehend that she is wrong about anything, there is no doubt she has some mental issues. But knowing that and trying to be understanding if that is the case doesnt help me having to work with her.

I know everyone is sick of this, lord knows I am but I have to get all this out somewhere.

But! Today is friday and I am ready for the weekend!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I had to get the work drama off the top of the blog.....

So I am posting this picture I found on of Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Do they not look like the same person??? Its amazing how much alike they look, its like Goldie has a mini me!! Now thats some good genes!!

Now I post a picture of me and MY daughter, and we look NOTHING alike, but I swear she is mine, no one switched babies on me.
As for the work drama today there was none for me since today was my day off. I heard from my co worker friend that she is still talking trash...whatever. I had more important things to do today. I had my monthly labs and B12 shot, so I spent a about an hour in the doctors office and EVERYONE there had the flu... They were making people wear those little blue masks but still I was trying to stay away from people but its hard in a waiting room. I do not need the flu!!!

Good news, I lost 4 more lbs for a total loss of 23 lbs since June. It slow but its coming off, being forced to eat right has really helped my diseases and I look a bit better too. If I could get some exercise I would FIERCE lol.


The Drama is far from over....dammit.

So I felt bad and was going to apologize yesterday and explain the reasons why I didn't feel like I could go to my co worker with problems. She is the type of person that can accept no kind of criticisms, will yell and argue with her BOSS when told something and screams and throws crying tantrums like a child. I am serious. This is why NO one says anything to her, no one wants to deal with that, least of all me. And also this is the reason that the boss doesn't speak to her when she should because she doesn't want to deal with it either. My boss wants to fire her but this is the deep south and the good ole boy system is firmly in place, a relative of hers is a close friend of one of the owners. Anyway true to form she threw a fit, argued and cried, hysterical loud sobs. So I felt bad and was going to apologize. Until yesterday.

I went in late yesterday because I went to have a hearing test (40% heredity hearing loss, it sucks). When I got in a hear she has been talking trash about me all morning. Still I felt bad. Then she threw a report on my desk that she didn't even finish her part. Then ignored me all the time talking trash about me. She was speaking to the boss that actually came down on her but not me. Still, I was feeling bad. Then another co worker came over and told me that she has had it in for me for years now. The more I thought about that the more I realized certain things that happened, it was like my eyes were opened, I see her for what she truly is...not just an annoying coworker but a hateful vengeful person. So I will not be apologizing. I don't know what will happen. My boss says she will talk to her again but she tends to put off dealing with her so I am not holding my breath.

So yeah work is miserable for me this week.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Its OVER!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god the writers strike is over. I am a TV addict and these reality shows are getting to me. I don't watch as much TV as I used to since I discovered Blogging but I still watch quite a bit. The newest reality show I have been watching is the Millionaire's Club on Bravo. Has anyone else seen this? Its about a matchmaker service for millionaires. What? And they work on commission, kinda like a Realtor. And its ALOT of money. So these Millionaires can't seem to find a woman on their own? Its interesting to watch, they will have these events where there are about 20 women and then 2 of the millionaires and the guys get to pick out 2 girls to get to know better. Kinda like a meat market or a singles bar but the women are "carefully screened" according to the website. It baffles me but I cant stop watching!

Yesterday was another bad Monday and I blew up at my boss about another co worker. Not cool of me to do that, not cool at all. But when what someone does affects my work and has been for a while I hold crap in. I feel bad about but I feel I am in the right too. Anyway, my coworker is furious at me but really she almost deserved it. But I still feel so bad.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Fool's gold and Mondays

I have had 2 terrible Mondays in a row. I know I complain about Mondays, but they usually aren't THAT bad but the past 2 weeks have been major stressful at work. So I am keeping my fingers crossed its not bad today.

Saturday I went shopping and to a movie with my coworker and 2 of her kids. I would post pictures but she has this thing about the internet, LOL its EVIL ya'll!!!! Its funny how some people think its evil. I for one think its a wonderful thing since I met my hubby online. I will have to post about that one day. OH....another one of my coworkers is very religious (baptist, this is the deep south) and she truly believes barack Obama is the Antichrist! She is serious about this. Now, I don't care for him much but I think thats going a bit far into crazy land.

Anyway we also went and saw Fool's Gold, which got skewered by the critics but I liked it. Pretty warm scenery, clear blue water and Matthew McConaughey with no shirt on most of the movie!!! The movie isnt great as a comedy, I think its more of an adventure movie, lots of action, and I enjoyed it. Say what you want but there is some awesome chemistry between Kate Hudson and Matt (I figure since I have seen him almost naked so often I can call him Matt) that is undeniable! It was worth the price of a movie ticket.

OK time to make the doughnuts.....


Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday field trip time!

Ugh its hard to do these because I NEVER go anywhere LOL. I am going back to Jekyll Island next month so I'll have a good field trip then. For now you have to be happy with my quick trip to Virginia last weekend.

This is my sister in law posing with her bag we got her for christmas. I think she really liked it! Thats my brother behind her.
My mom asked for a "petticoat" with no side slit. Its hard to find a slip with no slits and even harder to say LOL. Despite her expression here she loved it :)
This is blurry but I wanted to show what Stuffgirl got. Its a stuffed monkey that plays her ipod and its headphones (which are the speakers) light up! She squealed when she got it, I didn't need to get anything else cuz the she was all about that monkey!
Here is a less Blurry shot. For some reason I didn't get a good picture of Kornfan, but he declared that the Fender shirt I got him was "Tight" as in cool I guess. I need to brush up on my lingo.

I have more pictures I'll save for later.

Horray its the weekend!!! I plan on sleeping lots.

Oh I have a spell check now, I think its from my firefox? Not sure where it came from but its sure nice, I missed my spell check


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New year!!

Its the year of the rat...whatever that means.

The flu is going around here, EVERYONE has it. I swear its a little epidemic here in hicktown. 5 out of the 9 gals I work with have it or are just getting over it. The Doctors offices and the hospital are saying don't come in unless its a real emergency because they are all full, plus the health care people are getting it too. I am drinking lots of airborne and praying I don't get it. Even though I did get a flu shot the odds are not in my favor.

The Canadian did not get a day shift job this time....what they are doing is the one thing he didn't want. I think he is getting screwed but he says he is not. I hate these midnight shifts but he loves them. grrrr.

Britney is out on the lose again. Paparazzi wives, hide your husbands!


Accidental Overdose

I don't buy it. I think they said that out of respect, he had enough drugs in him to kill a horse. So sad.

I guess he finally got some sleep.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

When did Billy Joe get old?

My son is a budding musician, and we were having a conversation about music and rock and roll, and I mentioned Green Day as a group I really like. He declares that Billy Joe Armstrong is OLD as is trying to look young, and he is washed up. Now, I checked Wickipedia and Billy Joe was born in 1972. Kornfan was born in 1989. He is 17 years younger and Billy Joe will be 36 this year. I am I guess I am REALLY old huh?

For the record I do not consider Green Day washed up...or OLD.

But I started thinking about how most rock groups don't like the idea of aging. Pete Townsend wrote those Famous words "I hope I die before I get old" Now he IS old, I bet he has changed his tune about aging!

My spell check is STILL not working....GRRRR


Monday, February 04, 2008

Another sucky monday but at least there is a movie review!

We made it back from our really short trip just major traffic really. Super bowl sunday is a good travel day, really not many people are out on the roads. I didnt watch the game but I did Watch Tom Petty :)

Anyway I am exhausted and a little surly from work today, it was another bad day. I am so ready for a good monday, is that asking too much????

But I did go see 27 Dresses friday afternoon. Its a sweet movie, a little trite at first but then it gets better. Katherine Heigel is so great! This is a not a great movie but its sweet and enjoyable and really what more could I ask for?


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Is she or isnt she??

We are leaving for Virginia in a little while but I thought I would run down some celebrity stuff before I go. We will have the laptop but very little time so I wont be one much.

Angelina Jolie, that marriage destroyer looked pregnant at the sag awards to me. I mean look at the picture! Her face even looks fuller. Now since I had multiple miscarriages I can understand why these celebrities chose not to announce until after the first trimester but come on now when you visibly look pregnant just say you are for Gods sakes! Its the new trend, Christinia Agulera was HUGE before she admitted it, So was Jennifer Lopez. At least Nicole Ritchie didnt wait too long.

Lets discuss Angelina. Know I make no secret I dont like her, I think she broke up Brad's marriage, I think she is a man eater. I still say she will break his heart. BUT seeing them at the sag awards, they are obviously so much in love, they were contanstly looking at each other, smiling little secret smiles and had to constantly touch. He was never that way with Jennifer at awards shows, they were kinda stiff. So maybe I was wrong. And they are doing such good works at New Orleans.

And Britney? What a mess this all is! I feel for her but its hard to feel sorry for someone that is so into a medical disorder that they are rude and obnoxious. My friend's dad is Bi Polar and is rude and obnoxious too, its part of the disease. I hope she gets treated but I think she is on the downside of her carreer, she will be the next Michael Jackson and have to go bankrupt.

ok enough of this, I need to get ready. My spell check is not working, is anyone else have problems on blogger with it?? I need my spell check!!!!!!!!!


Friday, February 01, 2008

Its STILL winter...

January was the longest month, I thought it would never end! If we can get through Febuary Spring will be here. Gotta love early springs and late winters but I vote for no winter! As you can see from the picture, Mocha also hates winter, she gets as close to the heater as she can. I tried to get the little dogs to go out in the icy rain this morning and I swear if they could talk they were looking at me and saying "aww HELL no"!

I've felt kinda blah all week. I think I have another kidney infection or another stone. I should have gone to the doctor this week but it was nice to have a week with no doctors appointments! I finally made an appointment with the ear doc for my hearing loss. Its bad, they tease me at work all the time about it. I may need a hearing aid at 47!! But I am hoping maybe they just have bad wax buildup? I have no problem with wearing a hearing aid but i dont think my insurance will cover it. With all my medical issues and my grey hair I really feel like I am in an episode of the twilight zone where people age rapidly! I could dye my hair but I did for so many years and Igot just tired of worrying about it.

Tomorrow I will see my family, I hated not being there for christmas. We are exchanging christmas a little late tomorrow night with Pizza as the holiday feast :)

Its too soon to comment on the steam mop, we need to use it a little more to see. I was quite pleased the first time I used it though.