Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our coffee maker just stopped working.

So I went to bed bath and beyond to get another one but I also came home with the Shark Steam Mop. We have tile and hard wood floors that are always getting dirty from the dogs, so cross your fingers that we like this new gizmo. Anything to me is better than a mop and bucket! Does anyone else have one?

Work is insane this week, we have been having major computer issues, and the software provider says we need to upgrade before we get into crisis mode. It feels like that already! We are way behind because the system is so slow. Hopefully, my company will not drag their feet on this although past experience has proved otherwise. I mean we just got internet last year! Anyway, its been stressful, so I am tired so I havent posted much. Also we are going to Virginia for a quick trip this weekend and I am happy and excited to be going and seeing my family but dread 14 hours in the van in 2 days.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Not only is it monday....

But it turns out the sky is really falling. According to this morning, there is a satellite falling to earth and they have no control over where or when. Boy is that comforting. It reminded me of of one of my Favorite shows Dead Like Me, where George gets killed by a toilet seat from a space station. Good times.

Happy monday!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Today is Meme Day

Because I have nothing! Nada, zip comes to my mind for a post. So I stole this from Vegas Princess. She likes me so its ok :)

Tomorrow: Is Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

Feeling: Like its time to eat something.

Happy Because: The Canadian is home, rare for us to have days off together.

Today I: Ran errands with Hubby (haircut (his), drugstore, groceries) and then watched The Bucket List…it was very good. I was surprised because the critics hated it but I thought it was good. Sad though/


Laundry: Always an issue here. Our Washer/dryer is down in the basement and I rarely go down there because of my legs. So poor hubby has laundry duty all the time. Laundry is a chore I actually like doing and have BEGGED him to move them upstairs. We have it all set up because the previous owners had them upstairs, but so far no luck getting them moved.

Something I know: celebrity gossip. The girls at work ask me whats going on with celebrities! I keep up with that. Its sad and I cant help myself. I need an intervention

Currently reading: Finding the Dream by Nora Roberts

Wanting: My hubby to go on dayshift. He tells me I don’t always get what I want..

Favorite gadget: OMG I have so many!! Love my Gigabeat (like an IPod) and my new touch phone.

Thankful that: My family is healthy and relatively happy

Wondering why: Groceries have gone up so damn much!!!.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Gas to the big city $5.00
2 new pair pants on sale at Catos $2.99 a piece
Lunch at Japanese place with my friend $6.75 plus $2.oo tip
Pedicure $free with Gift card I got for Christmas $3.00 Tip
My friend I havent seen since Christmas telling me how she can really notice my weight loss and how great I look $PRICELESS

The lady that gave me a pedicure yesterday CUT my toe and did not do a great job. I didnt complain, I am just not that person. But if I go there again and will ask for her NOT to touch my feet LOL


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger

I am stunned, I am sure his family is too. Stuffgirl was been in love with him for years, but I didnt really appreciate what a great actor he was until I saw Broke Back Mountain. I dont care who won the Oscar that year but he was robbed for best actor in that awesome, touching film. 28 years young, what a waste!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random thoughts

  • my eyes feel like sandpaper when I first get up in the mornings. Eyedrops offer only temporary relief.
  • I need to check my blood sugar
  • I want to change my template but I am sore afraid.
  • I dont want to go to work today. I feel like that alot lately
  • I dont care anything about football and am puzzled that people are so caught up in it
  • I miss new episodes of Pushing Daisies and Samatha Who. Enough is enough with this strike, lets sit down and get some good negotiations going!!!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Movie review

I have been wanting to see Juno for over a month now, but of course as per usual they didn't play it here. I waited and waited and FINALLY I saw it was playing at a theater about an hour away from small town hicks ville where I live. Of course we had no idea how to get there but I got a handy dandy GPS for Christmas. So I set it and off we went to the 2:00 show. Everything was great until the GPS announced we had reached our destination, but there was no movie theater anywhere! It seems that the GPS is only as good as the person who keys in the address. Evidently I put in the wrong address, but its the address I got off yahoo movies so I blame them LOL. Anyway, I tried calling all our friends to help us out (they lived there so they should know where the movie theater is) but of course we couldn't get anyone! Got the # for the theater and called it and got a recording saying their mailbox was full and to try again later! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Finally I did get the right address and we found the theater...long after the 2:00 show started. We decided to stay there and do some shopping and wait for the 5:00 show. So I went to Bath and body works, (they had their wallflowers on sale woohooo) then we went to Lowe's. We didn't need anything at Lowe's but hubby browses in there for hours, he fondles to the tools that are on display!! Its really quite sad. Anyway finally we went back and saw Juno at 5:00. Was it worth all that trouble?? was wonderful, quirky and happy yet sad in places. The acting was top notch, I LOVED this movie. I urge everyone to go see it! Even my tool fondling Canadian loved it! Now of course they have decided to play it here it hicksville, I could have just waited.

TV show review...a bonus just for today! I am watching Project Runway, the competition is "Fierce" this year! And I am addicted to this new show Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I will be honest, I didn't want to watch this, I am tired of the whole Movie to TV and Versa verse thing. But with the writers strike and me being a TV addict there was nothing else new on so I watched it. I was desperate. I am so glad did, I am hooked REALLY hooked on this show. The girl that plays the Cyborg is a fav of mine, she played on Firefly one of my favorite shows too so I knew she was good, but she makes a good robot. If you haven't seen this yet you should check it out.

In other news, its Monday morning, MLK day. Its 19 degrees and I of course don't get MLK off so I am not a happy camper. Mondays are bad enough but its below freezing out there!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I read that January 21 may be the most depressed day of year. Yeah.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Sucks and Slacker radio

You know when I moved to South Carolina I hated it here. But being with my husband and the promise of mild winters made it OK when I was so homesick for Virginia. Being with my husband is still great but I have yet to see a mild winter. OK maybe its milder than in Ohio or Wisconsin but when you live there you KNOW what you are in for. Anyway, it snowed here again yesterday and its supposed to be the teens tonight. It is so difficult for me with my disability when its cold and getting out early to get to work when its this cold is torture!!

I know whine whine whine.

I saw an add for a new radio service and I really want one!!! I wonder how well the reception is, I cant even get satellite radio to come in at my work, I have no idea why. Its an old building that is probably killing us all with asbestos but i have no idea why you cant pick up radio signals in there. My cell phone works OK in there but when I had sprint it wouldn't work at all. Anyway its called Slacker radio. This is not a PPP, (I cant figure out how to do that) I really do want one IF it will come in at work. My Gigabeat (Ipod thingy) works overtime for me since I have to have music at work. Although I think I will just ask hubby to get me some speakers for my computer at work and that way I can just listen to Sirius there. Can you believe my computer at work doesn't have speakers?


Friday, January 18, 2008

Britney and Tigers and Tom Cruise oh MY!

I was reading the news and also some gossip sites this morning. TMZ. com is saying that Britney not only is bipolar but has multiple personalities which explains her fake British accent lately. This seems pretty far fetched to me, but then she has been pretty bizarre lately.

Then I was reading that the tiger that mauled the teenagers on Christmas day was taunted and provoked by its victims. The teens had alcohol (lots of it) and Marijuana in their systems and have admitted to standing on the fence and yelling at the tiger. Now you know how I feel about Animals. I am kinda against the whole idea of Zoos but then an argument could be made for them because they protect endangered species. I don't know, but I do know this poor Tiger was provoked and acted like WILD animal which it was and it got killed for acting like a wild animal. I am sicked by people that have nothing better to do than to tease caged animals. These teenagers got what they asked for in my opinion. I know I am going to get some hate comments on this though. They didn't deserve to die but then neither did the tiger.

There is a video going around of Tom Cruise extolling Scientology. I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan, I really cant stand him but I don't think he is any crazier then anyone else caught up in religious fever. His religion is an odd one but then Buddhism is odd to us people raised as Christians too.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Its snowing!

I realize many of you (most of you) don't see this as amazing but it NEVER snows here. We get ice and sleet but that's rare and snow is really rare! Here is the scene out my front door I just took:

Thanks global warming, I hate snow. Sure its pretty but I am not much of a driver on dry roads so I really don't like to drive in it. The good news is, if they close the schools then my work will be closed!

Its so cold here that Jazzy asked for her sweater. OK she came to me and was shivering like crazy so in a way she asked. My other little dogs are cold too but they think I am trying to kill if I try to put a sweater on them!
Here is Jazzy in her sweater . She is not growling she has lost some teeth so she almost always has an Elvis snarl going on.
Now here is me and Jazzy, I was trying to stay out of the picture, I don't like pictures of me with my glasses on :

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My bookmarks went Poof!

I was playing on this afternoon and my computer locked up and went I reset it ALL of my bookmarks were gone!!! They just went Poof! The Canadian worked on it and got the ones I saved from a long time ago but thats been a while and I add and delete stuff every day. So I have spent most of tonight finding blogs and websites again! Please, everyone comment so I can find you again. I promise I will back them up every week from now on!

In other news, the toilet that was outside in my work parking lot disappeared. Its with my bookmarks I think.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Groucho and me...

I mentioned how much I love The Marx Brothers, particularly Groucho last week, and my favorite celebrity photographer Sans Pantaloons found an old picture of me and Groucho he took!! I look pretty good Huh? Sans is a Genius! Thanks, all hail the Pantaloons.

Anyway, I have some Marx brothers Trivia over the years and thought I would share.

  • There were actually six Marx brothers, but Manny Marx died in an accident when he was 3. The remaining Five where Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo and Zeppo.
  • They got their nicknames when they were in Vaudeville, Chico is Pronounced Chick-o because he was always after the ladies (chicks)
  • Chico developed his Italian accent in childhood when he would use different accents to keep from being beaten up in the ethnic neighborhoods near where they grew up.
  • Groucho used a German accent in his acts (his parents were German immigrants) until WWII. He went to Germany in the 1950s and danced on what is thought to be Hitler's grave
  • Harpo's real name was Adolph which he had legally changed to Arthur when the war started.
  • They were just as madcap off the stage as there were on, One Hollywood movie producer kept them waiting several times for appointments and they repaid him by camping out naked in his office toasting marshmallows over a fire they started.
  • Chico was a big gambler, and the last few movies they made they only made because Chico needed the money bad.
  • Groucho was a big reader, and always regretted he had to quit school when he was 12. He was more proud of his written work than any of his shows or movies.
  • Groucho was married 3 times and all of his wives became alcoholics. He married very young (his last wife was 19 and he was 64)very pretty girls but he preferred intellectuals.
  • My favorite Groucho quote was in a letter he sent to the Beverly Hills country club when he discovered some of his Jewish friends where denied membership because they were Jewish. He was also Jewish and sent them this "Please cancel my membership immediately. I refuse to belong to a club that would have me for a member."
  • Another favorite quote is one he denied saying but other people say he did say it. When talking with a contestant on his game show "You bet your life" who was a woman that had 10 kids. When he asked her why she had 10 kids she replied that she loved her husband to which he allegedly replied "I love my cigar too but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while"
  • Groucho hated raunchy dirty comedy and said in an interview that It is too easy to tell dirty jokes and get a laugh, the real challenge was to be clean and still get a laugh.

Ok I know lots more trivia but its late and tomorrow is a freaking Monday!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Field trip time!

Today I take you to my work again. I work in a downtown area in a small town, but like all downtown areas, the buildings are pretty old, so there usually is always a renovation going on. The first picture I took on a Friday afternoon when I left work.

Isn't that lovely?? I was a bit confused as to why this was outside, but hey I don't question things. We do have several homeless people that hang out downtown, I hope they don't mistake this for a working toilet!

Then the following Monday I pulled into our parking lot and found this scene:

The toilet is still there, you just cant see it. They completely gutted this place, it must have been in bad shape! I don't think you can see the yellow "crime scene" tape but they have blocked off the parking spaces on that whole side, even the handicapped ones! We are not happy campers at work because of the parking situation. Parking like in most downtown areas is not the best. There are just not enough spaces, and its worse now. I have been taking my lunch so I don't have to leave at lunch since chances are slim to none there will be a space when I get back.
Anyway, I just thought I would share these truly scenic pics. :)


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just another night at my house.

I did this before but I feel like it should become a regular feature :) OK OK I just like taking and posting pictures of my dogs. I go around the house and take the pictures of the dogs no matter what they are doing. They are usually sleeping though LOL

Baby Star
MelvinMocha, Raven and Jazzy


Where was I? Watching the season premier of rocked!!!!


Sunday, January 06, 2008

I was tagged!

Actually I was tagged Four times!!, once by the dashingly handsome JimmyCity then the Busiest Blogger I know Fantastagirl and then Jen. Words cannot describe how much I adore Jen. I would stalk her if I ever got out of by house and also she lives in Rhone Island and I just don't think its very cool to stalk there. I I was also tagged by Nobody. Nobody is really somebody, I am almost positive :)
think I have done this one before or something very I am just going to copy and past my answers and add some more. Its list 7 weird or strange facts about yourself. I am listing a few more than 7 since I was tagged4 times so I should do 21 but I don't know if I can. I'll try we'll see how far along to get shall we??

1. I chew on ice. It really annoys my husband but I cant give it up. And by ice I mean frozen water, its not a drug code name LOL

2. I read alot, I always have to have a book with me. ALWAYS

3. I have 8 dogs. Why? Because 9 are just to many Believe me I would rescue more if I could, but 8 is enough.

4. I am addicted to, and myspace.

5. I used to be a double E cup before I had breast reduction. Best thing I ever did for myself.

6. I miss my ex in laws.

7 I am scared of spiders. Even tiny ones. I seem to have passed this on to my daughter.

8. I am a freak about time. I always have to know exactly what time it is and I hate to be late for anything.

9. I have genetic defect and have to be on blood thinners forever. The good news is the mosquitos don't seem to bite me anymore, I guess my blood is poison!

10.I am a candleoholic. I love candles and burn them all the time. The best ones are Yankee candles and the home interior ones. I buy them obsessively, I cannot pass a candle display without buying one.

11. I am on 10 different prescription medications, not including vitamins and supplements. I take about 1/2 of them in the morning and the other 1/2 in the afternoon. They give me wicked heartburn sometimes!

12. I am usually reading at least 3 books at the same time, I have them scattered all over.

13. I love old rock and roll but my passion is new alternative music.

14. I have very few friends but that's my own fault. I do not make friends easily and when I do I expect only one thing...that you never lie to me. But alot of people have.

15. I am obsessed with the Marx Brothers, particularly Goucho. I Have read ever biography written about him and have seen all the movies. My favorite movie they did was Coconuts, its not their best but it was the first one I saw and it turned me into a fanatic fan. I wanted to meet Groucho. I never did.

16. I am an awful cook. My husband is a great cook. When my kids lived with me they tried to be away on the evenings I was designated to cook.

17. I once burned hot dogs...not on a grill either.

18. I have had Heart Failure twice.

19. I was diagnosed with Diabetes last June.

20.My husband is Canadian and we met on ICQ on the internet.

21. Gold turns my fingers black so I look dirty and grubby my wedding rings are gold.

OK I made it! I am not tagging anyone since most everyone has does this already but if you want to knock yourself out :)


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Its freaking Freezing!

18 degrees in South Carolina is completely unacceptable Mother Nature!! I hate this whole global warming thing! And hey, what part of global warming is warm?? I am NOT a happy camper! whine whine whine.

I have posted a really cool picture I took with my new phone, its taken me forever to learn how to use this new camera but now that I have I'll be snapping lots. The camera is way better than the one in the razr, one of the reasons I picked this phone. I think its cool the way Jeopardy's back legs are in the almost looks like I took it with a fish eye lens.

Stay warm!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Its back to work today...

Yeah woohooo huh? Actually I am looking forward to getting some routine back but it will be another week until that happens. I am very sad at losing a good friend this week, at least I thought she was a good friend, LOL she may be like "Mel WHO??" anyway I wish her all the best. I went through a stage where I wasn't sure about blogging anymore also but really just couldn't part with the people I have met here in blogland. I understand when it gets to be too much but I sure will miss her.