Friday, March 28, 2008

Fish Heads Fish Heads, roly poly Fish heads....

That crazy song has been stuck in my head all week!

No field trip today but I thought I would share a picture of the fruit salad I made with dinner tonight. Hubby and I LOVE fruit and its almost gone LOL with just us two eating it. I made a quiche too.

I had my yearly visit with my Cardiologist this week. I think I confound him really. My EF is way up there in normal range now and 4 years ago it was 20%. He really thought I would go the other way and get worse so while my good numbers thrill me, he quickly reminds me that I am not cured or healed and it will never be healed with all the scar tissue in my heart and not to get overly confident. He was really not happy about the diabetes diagnosis on top of this. BUT my bloodwork showed 77 fasting blood sugar and I am keeping good control on that. But I am happy with things, I do not EVER want to go thru Heart Failure again, its not fun at all.

I also had to go to the family doc today, the kidney infection from 2 weeks never really got better so she changed my antibiotic. Hopefully this will kick it out this time!

I know this is boring, all my medical stuff but its pretty much my life right now. Blech. Luckily the Lupus and Neuropathy have kept a low profile this week.

I lost 2 more lbs, total loss is 39 lbs now. This may be TMI but my underwear is really sagging on me LOL I guess I need to go buy some more.

My daughter is back with Long Haired guy, the one that broke her heart last year and she was almost suicidal over the breakup. So I am not thrilled with this. I am not saying alot of negative things, because she will clam up and not talk to me if I do, and also its her life, her decisions. It just hurts me so bad to see her hurting so bad. He BETTER treat her right this time. He has ditched her twice before, 3 strikes and he is OUT.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was tagged by Superwoman, who really is super!

4 Jobs I have had:
Optometrist assistant
Medical assistant
Medical Insurance billing

4 movies I watch over and over
Lost in Translation
Dirty Dancing
Pride and Prejudice
Sleepless in Seattle

4 Places I have lived:
Chester Virginia,
Richmond Virginia
Radford Virgina
Redneck Hell South Carolina

4 TV shows I watch
Samantha Who
Project Runway
Top Chef
(I have many many others)

4 Places I have been
Jeykill Island Ga
Brockville, Ontario
Nassau, Bahamas
Gatlinburg Tn

4 People who email me regularly
George Clonney (I can dream cant i??)

4 Favorite things to eat (in no particular order)
My hubbys meatloaf
M&M cookies

4 Places I would rather be
Anywhere with my Hubby
Riding the goldwing
At the beach

4 Things I look forward to this year
Quitting work ( this may be 2009)
The sex in the City movie
The leatherheads premier !!
painfree days

4 People to tag
Bill the cat
Funky winkerbean
George Clooney ( Call me George! Anytime...really :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Whenever Monday comes you can find me crying all the time.....

Geez I hate mondays. I have always hated mondays and I will hate them until I retire and even then I may STILL hate them.

In other newz, the feed store was out of the cheaper dog food we buy for the dogs. When I say cheaper, its still not that cheap because Greyhounds can have some tender tummies so they cant eat ole Roy or anything. (I have always been suspicious that Ole Roy was the major ingredient in that food LOL) But anyway, had to buy the $20 a bag food instead of the $16 a bag food. But now I have 2 dogs on a hunger strike in protest, they don't LIKE the expensive stuff!!!! I really feel for them as all I can afford this week is the dollar menu. I blame Dubya. For everything.

4000 heart grieves.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Humorous Pictures

Happy Easter to my Peeps!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Field Trip

Finally posting pictures from my trip to Jeykll Island. I didnt get a chance to get out and see alot since we were vending but I did get a few pics.

The vendor Booth where I spent most of my time
This is Molly and Thumper, our roomates for the weekend :)
The view outside the porch of the Villa we were in. The other side of the wall is the ocean.
Just some pics of the vendors area, busy busy!
Bec working away on her embroidery machine.They had a costume contest. Anyone recognize this cartoon character??
The beach, the sun came out! It was gorgeous but cold!
Low Tide, I was able to walk out onto the rocks to get this

10 week old Greyhound Puppy! There is not much that is cuter than a greyhound puppy. Her mama somehow broke her leg, probably rolled over on her, I am not sure.

Molly and Thumper made some friends walking on the beach.

And finally here we all are!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I feel stupid...and contagious....

I lost my bookmarks again. I was having serious computer issues for a while, it kept shutting down and telling me it was doing a memory dump!!! ack!!!!!! Anyway hubby decided to put linux on my computer, he runs it and really likes it, he says its better than windows. And it works great, I do really like it BUT I lost my bookmarks again, the ones he used from the backup was from 2 years ago when I first started blogging. So I have been spending a little time each night finding my blog buddies and bookmarking them again. I have not gotten close to adding everyone back on yet BUT I have a 3 day weekend this weekend and I plan to finish adding people, THEN I can start my usual daily visits. Also I joined a league to play in pogo and I have been spending alot of time playing in tournaments. Its a blast and everyone is SO nice.

Today I had to go to the hospital to get some yearly tests for my cardiologist. I had blood work and my echocardiogram. I have a conversation the lab gal was having.

Lab Gal : Felicia was that Glenn's momma that just left?
Felicia : Yeah, do you know how Glenn is doing?
Lab Gal : No, I haven't stuck him recently.

For some reason this struck me as hilarious so I was laughing hysterically, and then she started laughing too and I was luckily she was able to get my blood the first time we were laughing so hard.

I hope to get back around to everyone soon! I need a good place to store my bookmarks, I cant figure out how to add them here, Lynda did all that for me. Any advice on what works well for you?

No pictures today, I have to ask hubby how I post them here, I cant seem to figure it out yet on Linux.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

I don't wanna work...wanna bang on the drums all day.

Although for me it would be bang on a keyboard all day since I am addicted to the freaking internet!

I think they decided not to cut our insurance but cut benefits instead. Thats a relief but due to other things I have been thinking more and more about going in another direction. Hubby is with me and it will be hard but I think its time. More on this later.

I have been a bad blogger! Nothing exciting here this weekend. Yesterday I went to see The Other Boylen girl, I really enjoyed it but I don't think its a great film but a pretty good one. I love period films. I did read the book but I must have forgotten so much cuz I didn't recognize some parts. Anyway, today hubby was off, his one day off in a while. He had to go look at someone's computer and I wanted to go riding the wing so we both went. It was a bit too chilly to ride here but I still enjoyed it, spring is really on its way here!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

More junk in her trunk than a Honda...

I thought more people would get the SNL thing from last post. Those were the funniest SNLs, the first couple of seasons.

I had to go to the Doc yesterday to get my coumadin labs drawn and I asked to see the doctor too since my back was killing me. Yup, just as I suspected I have another kidney infection. I am really getting tired of these. they hurt like crazy. But I did have good news...I have lost 11 more lbs bringing my total lost since last June to 36 lbs!!!!!!
Horray ME!!! woohoooo. I wish I could tell it more but I am wearing jeans I havent worn in about 2 years.

The thing at work...I may be losing my insurance, to cut costs the management is making cuts in some things and it looks like they may go with this. It sucks for me. I am the definition of prexisting conditions! I am on hubbys too, but his wont cover the hospital that I seem to frequent. I am not sure what I am going to do, for now I will conintue plugging away. Seriously I am thinking of quitting if they drop the insurance and reapply for disability. I am just not sure.

on a happier note the pic is all us gals on the beach last weekend. I miss the beach already!! Thats me in the pink.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the little children keep coming....

For those of us keeping score, Angelina Jolie is STILL NOT pregnant.

On a related note, Generalissimo Fransisco Franco is Still dead.

If you remember that, you are as old as me :)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things they do look awfully c-c-cold.....

For some reason I am have been a kick of doing song lyrics for my intro, I stole the idea from JQ but I am not creative enough to keep it up. For now I like it though :)

I have been a bad bad blogger I know. I have had many computer issues since I have been home, and I am NOT happy about it. I asked Hubby to take a look at it but since he works on computers all day long for paying customers I am last on his list grrrr. But I get whiny and bitchy without my net, I truly think I am addicted. Seriously, without it I almost have cold sweats LOL. I have my laptop but until I get my links and all my stuff on there its pretty frustrating to use.

My trip was alot of fun, but exhausting! I did more than I am used to doing, its good for me but it drains me. I am going to save most of the pictures for field trip Friday but I did post the first ocean shot I took. It was pouring rain when I took this, and it wasn't too cold yet, just really wet. When the rain cleared the winds and the cold started. SO cold!!!!!!! The power went off at a hotel Friday night for a few hours from the winds, but they got it back quicker than I would thought on an island. I love this island! I wish I had been able to get out on the island more for pictures but we were stuck behind a vendors booth the whole time.

The trip did start off on a bad note though, I accidently left my GPS lpugged in and on overnight and it killed my battery so we had to get a jump and it put us over an hour behind schedule. Never leave your GPS plugged in LOL. I learned.

More later.....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Quicker than a ray of light...

Yes, Vacation is over. I'm back. I am exhausted. Seems like I just left! But so much to do tonight, will post lots about vacation details later. I will say the weather SUCKED at the beach just as it did for almost everyone else this weekend, I saw all about all the massive snow storms. We just had high wind, torrential rains and tornado watches. Fun fun!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Vacation all I ever wanted, Vacation had to get away...

I really need to get away, we found out some distressing news at work yesterday. I cant go into details yet and we probably wont know anything until the end of the month but its not great news.

On the good side of things, I am leaving today to go to Becs house, we are driving my van and want to get it loaded today so we can just get up and leave in the morning from her house. I havent packed at all so I better get at it LOL. Hubby did get my laptop set up for me and I am taking our Verizon portable internet with me so I should be online to check in some, and maybe play a few tournaments on Pogo. I just started played tournaments on there and have not won a single one but its really fun!

I thought I would leave you with a picture of my Coworker's desk. She turned 21 last week and we decorated for her.


Monday, March 03, 2008

This weekend

I had the best weekend! The Canadian was off and thats right there is pretty rare. He got the bikes out and charged on saturday and Yesterday we rode for the first time in 2008! It was nice outside, a little cool for me on the bike but that didnt stop me. We rode for about 2 1/2 hours, we went through Clemson, Central, Anderson, Norris (I never heard of Norris before LOL), Liberty and Pelzer and back home. I took some pics and will post them but they are lousy, I have to get back in the swing of taking pictures when riding again.

This is my work , the Building with the red door, I took this while driving by, its not that great but I dont think I have ever posted the front of my work before.