Sunday, July 30, 2006

Satellite Radio rocks!!

I spent the weekend with my gals. my 2 best friends. Its ALWAYS a good time when we all get together. I could get jealous because they live close to each other and do lots more together. I live an hour away from them and cant do as much. We ate alot, shopped, went to a movie and ate ice cream. I really overdid myself, especially shopping. We only went to Goodys, and they had an extra 50% off clearance. I got 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shoes for $25. But just that shopping wore me out. I love bargains! I love my friends. I was thinking about Oprah and her friend Gayle, and people saying that they are gay because they see each other so often and call each other several times a day. Well I must be gay then, because I cannot go for more then 2 days without talking to my 2 friends!!

I have been wanting satillite radio for at least 3 years but Hubby doesnt think I need it.....grrr. I have blogged before about the suckass radio stations here in hicksville. I am used to big city radio and frankly I am always surprised that they can get away with the level of crap on the radio here. I really want it for work, for some reason I have no reception in my office. Its an old old building in downtown, and I have no idea why I cannot get reception. I can get plenty of religious or country music stations....UCK! One of the excuses hubby uses for me not getting satillite radio is I probably will not have reception on that either. He may have a point I just dont know. But I will know tomorrow :) B lent me her husbands radio to try out and see if it works at work. They have 2 other revievers and they would rather use their ipods anyway so I lucked out. It had been so long since he used this reciever that she had to call xm and get them to reset it. I am listening to it now...........its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving no commercials and I loving the variety. All kinds of new music is at my fingertips!!! Do you know they have an all broadway tunes channel???? They have everything! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!! I want! Gimme gimme! hahaha.

My pain level seems to increase every day. I dont know how people can handle constant pain, I know I am not doing so well with it. I try to carry on like nothings wrong but it gets harder each day. I now am hoping the Lupus doc will have some treatments for me that may work.

Liz wanted a pic of Hubby, I think I posted this one before but I am not sure. Its the day he picked up his Harley from the dealer. The day we went broke LOL. There ya go Liz!


Friday, July 28, 2006

Lets talk global warming...

Its back to high temps here and this is really killing me! I read on a Lupus website that one of the symptoms is a constant low grade fever and I know I have that (they checked my temp every 1/2 hour when I had my treatments) so I wonder if this is why I am hotter than everyone else seems to be?? Last night my HAIR was sweating! You know that scene in Napoleon Dynamite where Pedro shaves his head beacuse his head was so hot? I was tempted last night to shave my head. Somehow I just dont think I pull off that look, I am not Natalie Portman! But my hair is pretty long so maybe I will get it cut.

Stuffgirl had her root canal yesterday, she did fine. The dentist said it was REALLY infected though. She called me afterwards and was so numb she was slurring her words, hehe that was funny.

Wendsday morning I was pulling out of the drivethru in a local greasy spoon where I get my breakfast every morning. Across the street is a gas station. I glanced across and noticed 3 things in the space of like 3 seconds. There was a man pumping gas with his back to me and the way he was standing or something...I noticed he was sexy as hell! ( I dont usually notice men that much, part of getting older I guess), then I noticed the van looked like my Hubby's then I noticed it WAS my hubby. Yes, he still does it for me!! Dont tell him though, he will geta swelled head. Of course last night he was in one of his OCD fueled rants...that WAS not sexy. Luckily they dont happen that often anymore.

A note to a good friend, Mr Fab....Hang in there!! I am outraged for you!! Hugs from your old stomping grounds.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yeah UH Huh this my shit........

Hubby had me take pictures of our computer desk for him to show it off at work. He made the desk and pretty much its his domain. But since my computer is here too I have a small corner. This room also serves as storage for his computer business, it can get crowded in here if he has alot of business. Anyhooo just thought I would show where I spend my time when I am at home. What do ya think?? Oh I am selling my laptop, not pictured. Its a really nice one not used that much. Its kinda large for me, when I sell it I am going to get me a smaller one so I carry it around more. I hardly ever use it now its so heavy for me. anyone intersted I will mail you the specs. Oh in the pic my computer is the one screen on.

I forgot Rockstar supernova was on last night!!!! wah. I hate getting caught up in reality shows but I am a BIG sucker for them. I love project Runway, I never watched it before, since I am not into fashion but its quite entertaining. But I have one complaint about Rockstar, can Dave Navvaro please put on a shirt! I know its a rocker thing but I am a souther "lady" and too delicate for such a site. haha.

Stuffgirl called me at work yesterday upset. She has to get a root canal!!!!!!!!! Gawds! a root canal at 18 years old. She has always had bad teeth, she inherited her daddy's teeth. My teeth are pretty good and I think KornFan got my teeth.I have never had a root canal, but I have been walking around with a cavaity for a year because I have too many other doctors and fun medical crap in my life right now to worry about it. I know I know, I'll get it taken care of sometime.


Monday, July 24, 2006

I know I shouldnt be this way BUT...
I dont want to go to birthday party for anyone on a weeknight..I might TRY to go for a close close friend but not for a co worker. We all have these "events" that are outside of work but are work related. Like its "expected" that you attend. I barely make it through each work day, no way am I going. I am freaking tired at night and I cant drink anyway and someone always makes an issue of the fact I dont drink. Poeple that insist you drink and will pour you one so then you have this drink to get rid of. I am not against drinking, I have done plenty in my time but decided (before my doc decreed no alcohol for me) it wasnt worth being sick the next day. I dont like to be sick, silly foolish me.

So there is a party this week for a co worker and the bottom line is I am not going. So my name will be mud. Oh well!


I hate Mondays!!!!

and we will be short handed at work today....

that is all.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Movie Quote of the Day

"To understand the living you have to commune with the dead"

LOVE that movie, watched it again yesterday. If I was healthy LOL I could stalk John Cusak!


Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy blogging anniversary to me!

Yup its my anniversay....and it looks like I am blogging about the same things as I was a year ago, the Heat (oh dont get me started, triple digits is just too much) and the balloon festival. So I guess I am pretty boring.

I have one rant this morning. Hubby had 3 days off this week (mon, tues and wends) and he KNEW we needed dog food. Did he go get any???? NO. I have worked fulltime this week and the place closes before I could get there, so no way could I get any. I didnt want to be a nag so I didnt remind him to get some beacuse he hates it when I nag BUT here we are with no dog food and 8 hungry dogs. I hate switching their food like this because it messes with thier poop, and they have smaller less smelly poops on the food we dont have. (OH a blogger first, blogging about POOP!)

Anyway I am irritated and HOT. TGIF for sure.

The pic is Jeopardy squeezing herself into a little dog bed. Her Butt looks HUGE LOL, looks like she can afford to miss a meal! She really isnt fat at all, but she looks it in that pic. When I was working in Greyhound rescue people would always say to me "oh I dont have a room for a Greyhound" tickles me people think that. Greys live in a tiny crate at the tracks, so they are used to being compact. Lok at her folded up in the tiny dog bed. My displaced little dogs were none too happy that day.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Balloons are purdy....and working for a living still sucks...and I really hates Fleas.

I took these pictures with my cell phone on the way to work this morning. My cell phone doesnt take take the best pictures, I will try to remember my camera tomorrow but I bet I dont see any balloons tomorrow! There is a balloon competition in town, they come twice a year and I just LOVE seeing them. Even makes going to work more bearable. I know I bitch and moan about working, but honestly I did not used to be this way. I have worked full time all of my adult life and never complained. But now its such an effort to get to work these body doesnt work at all some days. My work itself is ok, not hard and I dont hate that but its just hard for me to put one foot in front of another some days. I hate this. BUT balloons are pretty and who can complain with that view in the sky?

We are waging war on Fleas here. I hate them...they are evil and they are clever too. They have overcome everything we have tried so far (frontline, capstar, bombs for the house, shampoos, sprays) but we will not give in. We have a begun a full out tactical aasualt...we will not be overcome!!! I would prefer an invasion of frogs at this point!

Today's movie line text message

Whats a bite on the butt among friends?"

Who knows what movie...this one is EASY!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Check out Chad Vader, day manager....

OK so I totally stole this from Casual Slack but its funny and its triple digits here (Freaking HOT) and I am too tired to be orginal. Enjoy.
Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 1)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thanks HBO!

I need to go to the grocery store and drugstore, I need to sweep, I need to finish laundry,and I need to cook dinner early because Hubby is back on nights (only 2 more nights this time woot!) But HBO is playing a Double header that was just made for me! My 2 current fav movies Napoleon Dynamite just went off and now Its showing Garden State! I am in geek heaven! But I am getting nothing done........hmm Maybe takeout chinese tonight for dinner??????? I have seen these movies over and over and yes I have them on DVD but I am watching them lo yet again LOL!

Today's Movie line text message....

"Pedro offers you his protection"


Saturday, July 15, 2006

I've had all I can takes and I cant takes no more!

naw I am not pissed off, its just that all this talk of my Popeye arm (which is back to normal in size) had me thinking of Popeye. Then this afternoon, as I was flipping through the channels HBO was showing the Popeye movie, you know the really bad one with Robin Williams. Its like I was fated to blog about Popeye. So I googled to find out more. Seems like Popeye was born in 1926 in a comic strip called Thimble Theater by Elzie Seagar. Originally it was based on Olive Oyle's family when it started, and the Popeye was brought in as a not to bright sailor. Interesting huh? He made to leap to Film in 1933 and there were almost 600 cartoons made. Thats what I remember, is the cartoons. I liked them ok, but when I was coming up there was only 3 channels (4 with PBS) and I didnt have much of a choice. Now I can see how fickle Olive was "Oh Popeye, Oh Bluto". Kinda makes you wonder why the guys kept after her. Sex appeal I guess, some gals just have it.

Well thats all my Popeye talk. Today I dont look like Popeye, I look like a Junkie! Yesterday it took 3 nurses and 6 needle sticks to get my IV started and finally they had to go under my arm, which I had TOLD them before to try cuz thats what they had to do last time i was in the hospital. I am bruised all up and down my arms. But the nurses were great. I took them a box of chocolates the last day. If I had more time I would have done something better but no one hates a box of chocolates. I feel pretty good, I am still in some pain but its tolerable, better than before. The swelling in my legs has gone down quite a bit but its still there. Of course I have not taken my lasix all week! My bad. I hate that stuff. Monday I will start taking it again but I am going back to every other day. My appointment with the Lupus doctor is in 3 weeks, I wonder what kind of torture she will have for me.

I was supposed to go to a wedding tonight but I didnt go. I can use the I need to stay at home and rest excuse. Which I do need to do because I am working all week next week because of someone's vacation. I dont mind, but it will kill me! Working sucks. Think of me slaving away. posts will probably be short and sweet next week.


Friday, July 14, 2006

My week in pictures...well 2 of them..........

Yup thats about all I have done. Not much excitement there. Oh!! There was some excitement yesterday...the IV must have worked out of my vein. The gamma was almost done and the nurse came in to take my vitals and I mentioned that my arm was itching where the IV was....she and I both looked at it at the same time and we were both "OH MY GOD". I had popeye's arm! was so swollen! Its my own fault...I know the IV did not feel right all day really but I am NOT a complainer (contary to how much I complain on my blog LOL) and its so hard for them to get an IV started on me, I just thought it was all in my head. The site looked ok, well until the popeye incident. It was so weird when got home my arm was seeping gamma from the iv site...and so tight it was ridculous. But all I could think was how expensive that stuff is and how much each little drop that seeped out costs LOL!!! Its back to normal this morning but my arm is pretty bruised so they will have the left arm today again.

Only one more day...the good news is I really think I feel better. I felt great last night even with the popeye arm! Now this morning I feel yuccky but we all know I dont do mornings well.

Another note...I am really enjoying watching season 1 of Charmed this week, its helped pass the time so much. I felt guilty about buying it...until I saw the $169 speakers hubby bought for his van!! Nope I have no guilt now at all for spending $35.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

This is what I get when I ask my kids to pose for a nice lovely dignified picture....*sigh*

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jeopardy and Melvin sharing the couch

I tried to post this yesterday and it would not let me, today it just went right in. Oh well, look at Jeopardy's paw over her face, so cute. I took this a while ago and never posted it.

I spoke too soon about no side effects, I guess that will show me to be cocky huh? I felt awful last night, really tired and I was moving in really slow motion. weird feelings, I also had a headache too. I feel yucky right now too but I think I just need to eat...lunch should come soon.
I left my cell phone in my car today!!!! I hate being without my cell phone. I am abnormally attached to it. I dont make or get that many calls but when I dont have it I feel like I am missing a limb!

Monday I parked on the wrong side of the building , I had parked where the doctor's offices are. They told me wrong about where to come. But I had to make long hike after treatment. Now I swear I saw Kevin Federline! It was a young dad who had brought his kid into see one of the docs and he dressed just like the Federline! ewww..the wife beater t really WHO wears that to a doctors appointment??? He had on the cap and the low rider shorts, he really looked like him. But I guess it wasnt him after all, the kid was walking and really when was the last time Mr Federline went somewhere with his kids, being a responsible dad?


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I am being infused even as I type this!

Yeah its pretty cool i can bring my laptop and hook up here in this room. Its a regular hospital room, a nice one in the new womens and Childrens hospital that just opened lat year. I meant to bring my camera today and get some pics, but i forgot. I will try my cell phone but they usually turn out crappy. Bear with me i am typing with one hand, the iv is in the back of my left hand and if i move it too much buttons flash and machines beep like there is an incoming missle. they had a hard time starting the iv yesterday, stuck me in 4 different spots, but i expected it, my veins are rollers and they are tough so they tell me. they always have trouble with that. i wore the needle home last night and it was a miracle but the dogs didnt knock it out but it was ok so they just used it again today. they think they can get one more day out of this spot.

I didnt have any side effects to the gamma, so thats good. it made me tired is all. Thank goodness there was no barfing! i hate to barf, I would be terrible bulimic. I dont feel better yet, the doc said I would notice a difference after the 3rd treatment so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

The nurses have been great, really nice ladies. (no men so far) OH...this is interesting..the nurse yesterday said this gammo solution costs as much as a car!!!! and she is scared she is going to drop one. Wow...I hope my insurance pays this!

only 3 more days of this


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Speaking of Marital strife.......

Have you heard that the reason that Kathy Griffin divorced her husband is because she alleges he stole from her??? Ok this is just kinda weird to me. I feel like I have been lied to, after watching her "reality show" My life on the D list which show the couple as very much together. But soon after that filmed the divorce was final. I guess they really werent working things out like she claimed. About the stealing....she says he took 72,000 from her by using her Atm card from her personal account. Personal account?? I dont have a personal account, why does she? Certainly he deserves a salary, on the show he went with her EVERYWHERE. She had him packing for her, doing her hair and selling her comedy CDs. So I say he deserves the money, he seems like a nice guy and she seems nice but has an ego like all hollywood folk. Now that she has gone on Larry King and told the world that her ex is a thief I wonder...are they still working on the marriage?? I am sad about the whole thing. I knew nick and Jessica were doomed from watching thier reality show, I mean they did not have one thing in common except they are both really good looking. But I thought what I saw with Kathy and her Hubby was real. I guess you just cannot trust reality shows. Now I wondering if Heidi from the Hills (my new fav reality show) really as dumb as she seems? Cuz really I dont think anyone is, well except Jessica Simpson.

Makes my marital spats seem silly, huh?


Saturday, July 08, 2006

New dog beds!

well its been quite a day. Hubby and I got into a fight this morning, it was one of those senseless things. Really it was just a tiff not a major fight but I completely lost it. I have kept in alot of feelings about my health issues inside and I guess they all came out. He said its not that hard to pick up a broom and sweep, and I told him he doesnt understand but it is very hard for me to do normal things. Hell its hard for me to walk the length of the house some days. I told him he should just find a healthy woman and starting bawling like a mad woman. Great now my mind is going too. He felt pretty bad I guess cuz later he said I need to stay inside in the cool and stay off my feet. I did end up sweeping the house but it takes me forever, because I have to sit and rest. I have high hopes that this treatment will let me be able to do normal things again.

We got new dog beds last month here are Melvin and Jeopardy enjoying them! Already one of them has been barfed on....oh the joys of dogownership!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Perishable the thought!

I went grocery shopping sunday, and the check out girl was young...well. young enough to be my daughter. I asked her if she could please put the perishable items in separate bags (I take those in right away but leave the rest for hubby, haha being a semi invalid has its advantages). She looked at me all confused and asked what are perishable items?? Hmmm...dont they teach these check out girls anything? I remember when my brother was a bagger at the store up the street when we were kids, he had to go through bagging classes, yes there is a right way to bag groceries but no one knows that these days. Anyway, I digress (oh how cool is that I that I used that phrase!). When the gal didnt know what perishable meant I said "oh well just put the cold items together". She says ok. She scans my shake n bake mix and hold it up "is this cold?" I am looking at her like you have got to be kidding?? Really I was looking for the hidden camera, am I being punked? Nope she was dead serious. I said "no" So she continues scanning and bagging and she gets to my yogurt container..."is this cold?" she asked. "umm yes" I said.

This is frightening to me. I hope they dont put her in charge of Medicare when I am older!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Back to work. why oh why was I not born wealthy?? I blame my parents for this. OH well I am sucking it up and going in. At least we should be slam busy so the day should go by fast.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Unaired Pilot

Buffy Buffy Buffy!!

I found the original pilot for Buffy on youtube and I have to share! I just loved it!! Its different from the real first episode but alot is the same too. The girl that played Willow is cute, but its hard to see her after seeing the real Willow. Its supposed to be posting soon. we will see, enjoy!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Also yesterday was my dads birthday. Or what he thinks is his birthday. The day we celebrate it anyway. He was adopted and there are like 3 different dates on paperwork that was found. Happy maybe birthday DOD (Dear old dad)


Monday, July 03, 2006

All the fireworks your kids ask for!

this was an ad on TV this morning for a local fireworks retailer. Somehow that disturbed me, fireworks are dangerous and here they are legal in the deep south, and they are being promoted to children? I know I know only responsible adults should handle fireworks but did I mention I live in the deep south???? enuff said. I have heard stories from nurses thay have worked the ER about july 4th and busy they are, so if you have some fireworks be very very careful!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sheer perfection.

There are no other words to describe Meryl Streep's preformance in The Devil wears Prada. She is the whole movie. Loved everyone else too, but she steals the show. She brings some humanity to Miranda that was missing in the book. Give that woman another gold statute!

Yes I took myself to the movies today. I went alone and then went to buy the first season of Charmed but the store I went to didnt have it. I have time though I want it for when I have treatment. If I can take my portable dvd player or laptop. I am hooked on Charmed lately. Its no Buffy (favorite show ever!) but its damn close.

Pics from the pool party later, I did go in spite of being in lots of pain yesterday. I dont get how some days are sooooooooo bad with this and some days are more tolerable. Yesterday was awful, I wasnt sure if I would make it to the party, I did but left soon as I could without offending anyone. Today I woke up and still had some pain but not blinding like yesterday. Anyway. I have been in pain for months though, I am glad to have it ackowledged though cuz I thought I was going crazy that there wasnt anything wrong with me and I just getting to be a hypocondraic. I dont mention my pain alot cuz no one wants to hear about it. I can talk to my dad though since he is going through the same thing. I saw a little girl in a wheelchair today and realized in spite of it all I am still pretty lucky, I am mobile and this isnt terminal.

Hey where is everyone??? I know off having fun or something. I had only 3 comments from the last post, come on lurkers gimme some love! Post entries of all the fun you are having (with pictures LOL) so I can live vicariously through you!