Monday, April 30, 2007

Senseless Tragedy

I havent had time to post my thoughts on the Massacre at Va Tech. It hit me hard, I just dont understand why people kill like that. I didnt go to Tech, I did not have the grades to get in, and my grades were not bad. You have the best to get in. I went to Radford for a year and dated Tech guys so I was on the champus alot. The picture is one of the victims, he is from my home town and went to my old High school and he WAS the best of the best. He was there to get his masters degree and already had some awesome job offers. I cried for him and his family, my brother says I went to High School with the mom or dad, I dont remember. Matthew is buried in the same cemetary my dad is at and mom said the family was there last week and it was heart wrenching. He was 24!!!!

I feel for all the victims and their families but I feel a connection to this family


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Everyone is doing the 5 questions thing, and its my turn.

My questions were from Mr Fab. He asked some good ones, and here they are:

  1. You are the proud owner of some lovely Greyhound dogs. I am curious: given your love for Greyhounds, how do you feel about the Greyhound Dog Racing industry?

This really is a loaded question. When my hubby and I first thought about adopting a greyhound, we did tons of research on the net. What we found was pretty disturbing about the conditions of greyhounds that race. What we read and saw made us even more determined to adopt and we waited weeks for our first greyhound. Then, being around the dogs more we realized how docile and loving these creatures are. My hubby is very much against the racing industry, and I am not against it, I think that there are people out there that own and train greyhounds that do unspeakable things but then there are lots of owners and trainers that love them like we do and treat them very well. It’s a hot button issue when you are involved in Greyhound rescue because if you bad mouth the tracks and owners, you wont be able to get any dogs and then what will happen to them? So while we were involved we were officially neutral. I have been to a race track, my hubby will not ever go because of how he feels. Personally I think the race tracks are dying away, they are just not as popular as they once were. SO while I am not against greyhound racing I am against anyone that mistreats them.

2. You live in upstate South Carolina, which I also called home for several years. What do you like best about living there?

The only things I like about South Carolina is the climate and that I have good friends here. And the flag is cool.

3.You have a distinct southern accent. Do you find that people make assumptions about people with southern accents?

No, do they? I have lived in the South my whole life so maybe that’s why I have never seen this.

4.You don’t mention in your profile anything about NASCAR or country music. Isn’t a law in South Carolina that you have to swear an allegiance to both

GOD I hope not. I despise country music, its just not my taste. And I really am not into sports. Hubby likes Nascar though.

5. Where in the world IS that bitch Carmen Sandiego???

I think she is stalking YOU hahahaha!!

If you liked the interview thing I can ask you questions if you want to keep this going. Here are the rules

  1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
  2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  3. You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
  4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Going in to work on your day off is bad for your teeth.
So Wednesday at work we decided to order take out for the office from a national chain restaurant, I wont say the name but it rhymes with O"Farleys. I order a 1/2 a club sandwich on WHITE bread and soup. Someone there screwed up my order and I ended up with their wheat berry bread instead. Above is a wheat berry, looks all innocent and nonthreatening doesn't it? On the FIRST bite, I bit down on one like that and I heard a crack and then the pain started! I broke my filling and had to be out part of the day yesterday from work to get it fixed. Its fixed now, thank goodness but this is proves my point that working is bad for you!!

I am so behind, I still have more vacation pics to post and I have interview questions from Mr Fab
to answer. I will get caught up this weekend, I hope :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I just got called into work!!!

Yes its my day off, and I have to go in. Bummer. I guess its nice to feel needed though :)

So no time for a good post but here are more vacation pictures! The table at Bubba Gumps, and my dinner (you cant see the shrimp but that box was loaded with popcorn shrimpies YUMMY!) The Sign flips over and the other side says STOP FOREST STOP and you flip it to that when you need the waitress. They play the movie and even have Forest Gump trivia. Its a fun place and the food was very good too. It is right across the street from the famed Market.

And even though I hate hate hate to post my picture since I got "fluffy" I am posting me with my new van.


Monday, April 23, 2007

So much to blog about!!!

Yes, I really do have lots to blog about this week! To continue with vacation...

Day 2, Thursday.

I couldn't sleep in the hotel room! Its rare that I cant sleep but it makes for a long night when you cant. It was hot in the room, the a/c unit was not the best so that was part of it. Anyway I was up early because I couldn't sleep. We went back to Diana's and ate a HUGE breakfast, then we hopped back into the van and we drove around, we stopped and took pics. We went to King Island and Folly island and of course the Charleston waterfront. here are some pics of the little shacks there. Shabby huh? The top pic is the hotel and the pool. Even the hotel was pretty!!

We drove around most of the day, making stops here and there. Went back to the room and MIL and Hubby took a nap. I didn't because I was afraid I wouldn't sleep that night again if I did. I am not a big nap taker anyway. After that we walked to the market, it was only about 2 blocks but it really did me in. I am for sure getting a walker before I go to Gaitlenburg in June. We ate at Bubba Gump's and shopped for a while, then it was back to the room and bed.

More later!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm back!!

And as my mother might say, slam wore out. I pushed myself and really did too much. Charleston is such a wonderful place to visit!!! Its so pretty, and it has something for everyone. 2 nights is not long enough to do everything. The only complaint I have is that you have to walk alot and while that's OK for most people its close to impossible for me. I think since its a walking town yet a tourist town there should be more benches along the sidewalks. Just my opinion.

I liked Lynda's Time line of her vacation to Memphis so I am gonna try that for my trip. So today is day one....Wednesday.

OK it sucked because I had to get up early to go the doctor. They are trying to get my coumadin levels straight again since I had to go back on it. Also I wanted the doc to explain to me the reason why she says I need to coumadin the rest of my life. I have a factor 5 genetic flaw, which she says that if you have to have clotting issues its the best one to have. I am 10 times more likely to have a clot and that risk is increased some since I already had a Deep Vein Thrombosis (really bad clot). It finally explains all my miscarriages, see I knew there had be a reason other than it was meant to be, or it was God's will or any of that crap. I also asked to the doc to do a urine test. I get my blood drawn, ( 2 sticks this time, not too bad) and then we are done. But we still cant leave town yet, we don't have a vehicle to drive. So we drive all over looking for Arnett's used cars. We didn't find it because my Hubby had the name wrong. We go home and i head for the drugstore to get my coumadin refilled. I get back and then we head out to the Ford dealership to see if they found the key to the van we looked at before. They did finally after 2 days find the key. I still find it hard to believe that they lost the key, how can they make any money this way? Anyway we test drive it to Hubby's bookkeepers office, it rides good, it sounds good. He takes it by his mechanic to see what he thinks. The mechanic says buy it, its a good deal so we did. The doc calls me to tell me I have a bladder infection and we have to go back to the drugstore to get my antibiotic. Finally at 3:30 we are on the road for Charleston. We get there about 7:30 and check in to find out they didn't have any handicapped rooms left and we have to settle for a room on the second floor with NO elevator. I am not happy. I will remember to ask when I make the reservations from now on. Anyway we eat dinner at Diana's restaurant (it was OK) and head for bed. I only took one pic that night and its the lights on the hotel. Its a sucky pic but I have more for later :)

To be continued......

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We are off to Charleston for a few days to play tourist. Hopefully will have lots of pics to share!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sneaking in a post

Everyone is asleep so I am posting LOL. I did read some blogs early yesterday. Here is mom in law with 2 of the little dogs. She loves the little dogs but they big ones she dosen'tt care for too much. She isn't mean to them but she wont pet them much. The Baby's feelings are really hurt and she walks around with the saddest expression on her little face, its funny!! I think they bonded a bit more while I was work yesterday.

The van is still not fixed and Hubby got an attitude and went to the dealership in town. He was kinda rude, LOL I thought at first we would thrown out. He walked in and said he didnt want any bullshit and he is paying cash and he didn't want to haggle and they better give him rock bottom price because there are too many other dealerships he could go to. And guess what??? They were falling ALL over him! I have never bought a car with cash before and it makes a difference I guess. He is going to test drive today and he says this will be my van so we will see. I have to work today.

Speaking of work there was more drama yesterday and I kept my earphones to my ipod on so I could stay out it. geez, I hate drama!!


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mom in law countdown

My mom in law is flying in from Canada later today. I love my MIL, she is a pretty awesome lady.
Here is a pic from her visit last year. I need to make sure I take more pics this year.

The van is STILL in the shop. Words cannot express how frustrated I am over this!!! I am having to get a ride to the airport to pick her up.

Another source of frustration is my inability to clean my house or even keep up with the laundry(the washer/dryer is in the basement) because of my lack of mobility. I know how old people feel when they cannot do little things for themselves.

But it will all be OK I guess. I don't know how much posting I will be able to do and I wont be able to visit my daily blogs because I don't want to be rude and be on the computer the whole time she is here. Hopefully I wont miss too much!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Well its friday!

I have nothing to post today, so I thought I would I would post a series of pics took last night. I like to call it The Baby's rough day. Wish I had it so rough. Or ruff. Whatever.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

What is it about the Military Channel????

A few days before Easter we switched from Direct TV satellite back to Cable. Its been almost 5 years and I swore I would never go back to Cable, but we wanted to combine all our services and They made me a deal I could not refuse. Plus Hubby was wanting to cut back on some bills and by combining its going to save us about $50 a month!! Anyway, I love the cable so far, I love the on demand feature and how much easier it is to use. The control buttons are simple and easy to use and I need that LOL. But Hubby found out we didn't get the Military channel anymore and he was NOT a happy camper. He has to have his Military channel. Now, I just don't get the appeal. I TRY to watch it but its WWII over and over and over again. Last night they were talking about Rommel! It must be a guy thing because 2 minutes into watching it I fall asleep. Thank goodness we have 2 TVs. Anyway, the package with the Military channel is $10 extra a month but he had to have it so now we are only saving $40 a month.

We also switched from DSL to Cable so my email address is new, so if anyone has been emailing me I am not ignoring you. I am off to correct the email on profile so I can lots and lots of emails (hint hint hahah)

Our van is still in the shop (3 weeks now!!) and the Hoverer is giving me a ride to work today. So I really feel bad about what I said. I made the comment that I wonder how I did my job for 6 years before she came when she was nagging me Tuesday. She is OCD but cant she be OCD with her own stuff and not mine? She even changed the day on my calendar the other day and is always grabbing stuff off my desk to put them away when I am not done with them!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Something in me snapped today...

My co worker, remember the hoverer? She hovers over my desk, straightening things, moving things? I have mentioned (complained)her before. She doesn't have a desk now, she is at a table unil they reorganize the office, so TRY not to let it get to me, but today I snapped and said something really rude very loud. No, I didn't curse but I said something pretty hurtful. And then I immediately regretted it and felt bad about it. And I will probably do something little thing to make it up to her.

Anyway, a while back Jen had a Thursday 13, 13 concerts you have been to. I know its not Thursday but I am gonna post it today. I hope I can come up with 13. Keep in mind I was very very young when I went to some of these so giggle if you must...

1. The Osmonds
2. Barry Manilow (I know I am gonna ribbed for that one but I was 13 ok??)
3.The Doobie Brothers
4. Willie Nelson
5. The Eagles
6. The Stray cats
7. David Bowie
8. George Thourogood
9. Seether

Well I cant think of anymore so I guess that's it. Not much of a concert goer I guess.


Monday, April 09, 2007


I really really did NOT wanna get up this morning. Blah.

Was anyone else less than impressed with the Sopranos last night?? I think I expect too much. I miss Vito And Adrianne.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!! I thought these were cute. The top one is entitled "The Holiday formerly known as Easter"

Friday, April 06, 2007

2 posts in one day, can you stand it??

I got my tire repaired, the van is still not fixed yet but we at least have one working vehicle now. The guy from the tire place only charged me $20 for the service call and the tire!! And get this, My boss took me to lunch while he was working on it, and we waited FOREVER for our food and we got back over an hour later and he was gone, and didn't leave a bill or anything. So I drove over to the tire place to pay and he said he knew I would come in and pay because I looked like an honest young lady (YOUNG!!!!). So he made my day. The Canadian was so happy I got me some this afternoon LOL!

But the BIG news today is my cousin. My cousin is 13 years younger than I am, he is my only cousin on my dad's side of the family. We are not that close, although I think we would be closer if I were in Virginia more often, but I see him at all family gatherings. Anyway, he always wanted to act. After college he went to New York for a few years trying to break into the business. He did some commercials and some local plays I think. But like most of the people trying to make it he never did. He moved to NC for a while, met his wife there and finally moved back to Virginia and worked in his dad's real estate firm. But I guess he still wanted to act, and mom told me a few weeks ago he went to Chicago for some big try out for something, I assumed it was a play. But it was not a play...he is the new Maytag Repairman! Yes, the loneliest guy in town LOL. Here is an article that tells you about it. I am very happy for him, maybe this will lead to more acting jobs, and Maybe one day he can introduce me to George Clooney. See, I can make any post turn into a Clooney post.



Still no vehicle, I have been begging rides back and forth to work. It sucks.

No time off for Easter. that sucks too. Although we are only working until noon today.

I will be alone (hubby is working nights) on Easter. Bec invited me to her family dinner but I had to tell her no since I dont know whether I will have my car back yet. That sucks.

The doctor called me yesterday and told me what I suspected, the bloodwork showed that I have a stronng tendency to have blood clots and I will have to be on Coumadin for the rest of my life. That REALLY sucks.

But its friday and that doesnt suck.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stressed out.

I have had a stressful week. Nothing major but still things that get to you. Hubby's van has been in the shop for almost 2 weeks now. I had to work today even though it was my day off (that's another story, they could have done without me I think) Anyway, I had to go in late this morning, I had to wait for the cable TV guy to come (we switched from satellite back to cable, its going to save us money, I hope we are happy with it) then I went by the eye docs place and picked up my new glasses. On the way to work from there my tire goes flat. Really flat. So I am stuck at work and I don't hear from hubby and finally at 4:30 (I get off at 5) I call again and his van isn't ready and he had to come get me on the Harley. But he had to change the seat back for 2 people and he didn't put the backrest on and I have never ridden on it without a backrest and I was terrified I was going to slide off the back! My legs are so bad someone had to move my leg for me to get on and off because I cant. Then my right leg started cramping and has not stopped. I was in tears by the time I got home. Not my best day. But one good thing my new glasses are WONDERFUL I haven't even put my contacts back in I have just been wearing my glasses all day. The bifocals are good, and I really cant even tell the bifocal is there but I see to read better so I know it is. My old glasses were never right, I got them from another eye doc (who I wont go to again) and I complained to him several times about how I couldn't see and he said they were the right Rx and I not expect to have good vision with glasses like I have with contacts! He was wrong because I see just fine with these ones.

Its my week on the phones, and I hate my week on the phones. Yesterday a patient's husband calls about a bill and he wants to know exactly what we did. He called a few times and one time he wanted me to explain the difference between a regular pelvic ultrasound and a trans vaginal one. That was interesting for me and I told him the trans vaginal and slightly more invasive!! LOL Ladies, if you ever had one you know its more than invasive its downright violating. The whole office was laughing at me trying to explain it to a man.

My boss is picking me up in the morning. I hope our van is ready tomorrow!!!!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring is here!

On the way home from the movies I decided to drive through the "rich" section of my little town. The "rich" section is only one road over from my road, so I am close enough to spy on the rich and famous. LOL ok no one is famous. But they have some awesome yards. I suspect they use a landscaper, but I will give them benefit of the doubt, maybe they did all the work themselves. Anyway, its spring here and it really is pretty here in the spring in some places. Enjoy!

I have been trying to get in a Bunco game here, but its hard because I have no friends. OK, I do have friends but they all live at least an hour away. But a co-worker got invited to join a Bunco League (are they leagues? I don't know) and even though this co worker really gets on my nerves I have been pushing at her to ask them if I can play. But yesterday she got really mad at me because I didn't ask her to go to the movies Sunday and she kept saying "I wont forget this, I wont forget!" So I guess my shot at a Bunco game is lost forever. I would start my own "league" but like I said I have no friends and it looks like I am one less now LOL. The funny thing is another friend (OK I am disproving my theory that I have no friends but really I don't LOL) texted me late Saturday night asking if I wanted to go to the movies, so it wasn't my place to invite other people. Geez work is just like high school anymore!!!!


Monday, April 02, 2007

I thought I would try a different attitude about Monday this week.

But so far its really not working. Mondays, UGH I hate them with the core of my being.

OH an update on my friend that Pierced her tongue. I went to the movies with her yesterday and she was eating popcorn! So I mentioned that her tongue must feel better and she told me she took it out, it was not worth it. So all that pain for nothing! Well, I guess she had a learning experience. OH, we saw Premonition. It was OK, not great but OK. Sandra Bullock I love but this movie was just eh. But then I watched The Holiday on DVD and loved that one, even though I cant stand Cameron Diaz. Hubby loved it too but he has this thing for Kate Winslate.