Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend musings...

This weekend was a gals weekend of sorts. One gals hubby was out of town so we all convergered on her house. by all us I mean 3. There used to be 4 of us that hung out together but because of certain things that I am not even sure I understand we no longer hang out with her. This pretty much was her choice and its more complicated that that. Its almost like we were all in business together only we werent really but it ended up being like that. Something awful happened, and she lied to us about it and then afterwards everything changed. I hate that things ended up like they did. Anyway, we went to an event we would knew she would be at this weekend. Not my choice, I would rather have avoided it but I got swept along. It was pretty awkward...the hugs that dont really mean anything. All in all I hated it. But her daughter is getting married in June and I already RSVP's that we will be there so I guess it was better to see her now and get all the akwardness out before then. I dont have many friends, its because I dont trust many people, and when I see her I am reminded why I am so distrustful. I hate being like that too but life has taught me some tough lessons.

Anyway, more musings. I heard on the radio today on a condem commercial that woman are twice as likely as men to develop on STD. What the hell???????? That can't be right can it? I dont get that statistic. It must be true right if it was on a commercial?

Speaking of broken friendships I have been following this Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen story. I read all 17 pages of the documents that Denise filed. Its quite disturbing and she sounds like she has witnesses and tapes of phone messages that back her up. Charlie Sheen is freaky scary anyway. So I was on her side, then I find out she was messing her BEST friend's husband. OK so Heather Locklear and Ritchie Samboa are separated but still....this was her BEST friend??? So I think my broken friendship is nothing compared to that one! That is just COLD!

On the plus side of things I had the best ice cream sundae last night in a small local place about an hour away from I live. Hot fudge with Banana Pudding ice cream and "wet" nuts. Lord, it was heaven!! LOL Lucky I dont live close to that place!


Friday, April 28, 2006

Letting them run free.....

Ladies you know what I am talking about. or maybe its just me. I dont know but when I get home, if I am in for the night 2 things take place. The slippers slip on and the bra comes off! I hate wearing a bra, but I have to because...well face it braless middle age women are just not cool unless you are Susan Saradon or something. Anyway last night I am chilling alone...hubby was working...and then the DOORBELL rings. ACK. Thank goodness I wasnt in PJs yet but the bra was off. It was a neighbor I had not met yet dropping off her computer for Hubby to look at. Seems like he talked to her and told her I would be HOME but neglected to tell me anyone was coming over!!!! GRRRRR. Thank goodness her Husband stayed in the car, it was bad enough me standing there with my arms crossed trying to hide my braless state from her. I would have really freaked if it had been a strange man. Anyway, when Hubby got home from work I explained to him VERY calmly to call me when someone is coming over. OK...maybe I wasnt too calm. But he got the point.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Overheard at the grocery store....

I was just at the grocery store going about my business, headed for the Hot Fudge Sundae toppings when 2 women were blocking my aisle. Damn those thin aisles anyway. Here was the conversation..

Older woman:..Oh and you know...Gary is Gary...

They both Laugh.

Younger woman: If I could get my hands on him just imagine the Christian he would be!

They laugh again..

Older woman: Say are you going to church?

Me: Excuse me, can I get by?

People like that really scare me.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Has this ever happened to you???

Have you ever worked all day and come home just to have cook freaking dinner and then your hubby tells you he already ATE?????????

Makes me angry, very angry indeed. I am think I am ordering take out tonight.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back to normal, whatever that means.......

Well Mom in law left this morning...I had to get up at 3 freaking oclock in the morning to get her to the airport since hubby was working! LOL I dont mind but I am sure beat. I came back home and had to tend to dogs then I crashed and didnt even know Hubby had come home and gotten into bed too. But I am still tired, I feel hungover. My body cannot function without sleep or maybe the rest I dunno.

But it was a nice trip for her, she said it was anyway. Saturday we went to the movies and saw Friends with Money. It was good but when it ended I was expecting more. The dogs just loved having their Grandma here and the little ones seemed to remember her and were always on her lap instead of mine the little traitors LOL! I am glad she is not freaked by our dogs, some people think we are freaks because we have 8 dogs but its normal to us.

The picture was taken last year, I finally got some of hubbys sisters wedding pics. This is the only one I agreed to pose for, I hate having my picture taken these days, I used to be alot smaller before I got sick. Anyway, I dont look too awful, just pale. I am beside the Bride, MIL is beside me and my hubby is beside MIL. My stepson Jacob is the handosme young man. His sister was the prettiest bride I have ever seen I think. Now she is HUGE LOL expecting her own little one next month.

Anyway hopefully I can ease back into normal posting, and reading.


Friday, April 21, 2006

I've been a bad bad blogger this week

No time to post really, I am way out of my routine! I'll be back when the MIL leaves, dont give up on me ok? I miss checking in with my blogger buds!

Today we went shopping and I am sooooo not a shopper anymore. Word up to shoppers out there, Cracker Barrell nationwide has a HUGE 50% off sidewalk sale! I got 2 tops, a yankee candle and a tile for the kitchen wall for next to nothing! I love those kind of deals!

Tomorrow we are planning on going to see Friends with Money.

Oh my friend that lost her mom. sister and dad all within a year? Her stepbrother died this week, still within that year! They werent close, and it looks like a drug overdose. BUT geeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK the cartoon is my new fav cartoon, it explains how I feel about my job these days


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Grizzly man indeed....

I was off today. MIL and I watched the movie Grizzly man. How disturbing. I personally think he was somewhat crazy. At one point in the movie he is mesmerized by the bear poop. Hmmm. So sad what happened, awful way to go!

My friends are mad at me I am sure. We were supposed to go to Bike night at Hooters tonight and I was ready but MIL didnt feel like going and Hubby didnt really want to go either, and I was not going alone. So I had to call, they were already there. I imagine they are pissed LOL but I guess they will get over it.

I really got car sick today. We went to Table Rock park to a place called Aunt Sue's and shopped and ate lunch. MIL gets carsick so she has been riding in MY seat and I took the back. I get car sick too, though and I really got sick today. I get sick in the back seat on curvy roads. I wonder why it is I get sick in the back and am fine in the front? Anyway...back at work tomorrow oh joy!....NOT.


Monday, April 17, 2006

There's the Easter nap my dogs took that I couldnt post yesterday. Those little ones LOVE a sunspot to nap in.

I have had time to do NOTHING today...well I worked (poody there's that W word again) but really what a waste of a day.

Although...7Th Heaven was good tonight...yes I admit it I watch 7th Heaven LOL! And William Devane was on 24.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Having an Easter Nap!

I took the cutest picture of my 3 little dogs napping in a sunspot this morning but blogger is being hateful and not letting me post pictures tonight. I'll post it later.

I havent had to the time to read all my blogroll since MIL got here, I feel like I am neglecting her if I spend too much time on the computer. So far so good with her visit, she is really a sweet lady and I am lucky I get along so well with her. Of Course we really dont see each other but maybe once a year. She loved hanging out with our friends today and fit right in. OH!! The pies were a huge hit but I didnt take any pictures at the dinner, I dont know why I just forgot. My bad. I am working tomorrow but Hubby is off. She wants to ride the Harley so I guess they will go for a ride tomorrow. Now I just HATE that that they are off riding and I will be stuck at work! It really sucks that I have to work for a living LOL!

Anyway I might not be around much this week...I hate it cuz it takes forever to get caught up on my blogs but I will, I am addicted to reading my blogs!


Saturday, April 15, 2006


The mom in law is flying in today, supposed to be this morning but they delayed her flight so now its like 1:30 pm. We have been in a flurry of activity cleaning and getting ready. Its hard cuz we are still renovating. We will be renovating forever I think but hubby would rather do it himself. Anyway lots more to be done.

I got the best package EVER from my wonderful secret pal yesterday!! I have to use my camera phone for now but I will get a pic of all the goodies! I will give a item is pink and has feathers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drinking less is hard but I think it may be working! Its hard because in the heat I want to drink lots of water and the highs have been in the upper 80s the last few days. So far today I have had 1 pint of water. I can have 4. I almost blew it yesterday. The convenience store near where we live sells Alligator Ice..also known as Parrot Ice. They are thick slushies, thicker than Slurpees and I LOVE them!! I came so close to treating myself when I stopped in to get hubby's ciggys. I feel like I deserve a treat for getting his cigerettes, everyone in town knows I had heart failure and they all must think I am killing myself smoking when I buy them for him but I dont smoke and never have. But their machine that makes the alligator ice was down. BOOO! So I didnt get to be bad.

I took that picture yesterday...its the back of my office building at work. I have always wondered about that second floor door that leads NO where! The second floor is an apartment kinda with a bedroom and the owners office is up there. I would be scared I would sleep walk out that door in the middle of night thinking it was a bathroom or something!! Anyway, the flowers are blooming on the wrought ice fence so I thought it would be a cool picture. A look into my every day life LOL!


Friday, April 14, 2006



PIctures of Wylie...when she was a pup (awww) and now....


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Very very disturbing....

In the past few days they have released alot of 911 calls made by people in the world trade center on 9/11. Then they released the last few minutes of Flight 93. I dont know about the rest of you but this stuff really really bothers me. Its been years, and I still am sitting here sobbing listening to this. The only way I can keep sane in the world these days is to try to block out alot of this stuff. There is so much pain and suffering in the world and I go nuts if I think about it too much. I should not have read that transcript and I knew how upset I would get but I did anyway. I dont understand why there is so much hate in the world, hate for strangers they dont even know!

OK enough of that. Today I am starting to be better about my fluid intake see if that helps my swelling. I am on a low sodium, restricted fluid diet because the type of heart failure I had, I tend to have edema. Its just been worse lately. I take Lasix daily which helps some but not like it used to. So I am trying to watch how much I drink. Geez! Its hard ya know? I am used to drinking 2 bottles of water with my meals and I am not sure how much in between. Anyway I am really thirsty LOL but I am determined to stay below my allotted 2 liters.

I am going to make 2 pies this weekend, I bought the ingredents today. Wish me luck..I am the worlds worst cook but my mom assured me these pies are as easy as pie! LOL. I will let everyone know, maybe post pictures of the finished masterpeices LOL


Monday, April 10, 2006

Some things are sacred!!!

I love my husband. I love him so much its scary. I love him more than its possible then to love another human. I would just about do anything for him....BUT he has crossed the line!!! He has taken some on MY Tim Horton's coffee to his work! Yes my coffee that I pay ridculously for on ebay, my coffee that you cannot get anywhere in the south! He lived in Canada for years and could have had Timmy's anytime he wanted and you know what he was drinking when we got married? Instant Coffee *shudder*. So I share my Tim's with him but only with him and now he is taking it to work and sharing it with his co workers! ARGGGGGGGGG! I thought I was going through alot of coffee lately. grrr. And I want him to ask his mom to bring a can with her but he says he wont ask cuz she might get in trouble...SO?????????? Whats the deal anyway? I have driven cans of Tim's over the border so surely you can fly a can or 2 (or 3 or 4). Double grrrrr. So anyway, I have to go check my dealer (ebay) cuz I truly am addicted.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

A really really close call...

Yesterday we went to a 40th surprise birthday party for a good friend, and it was really fun. All the 40 jokes, signs that said "danger falling body parts" and all joke gifts. The joke was on all us though, the cake had black icing and we were all looking like hillbillies with black teeth for a few hours! The best thing was Hubby and I went together. With this new job, i never see him anymore. But I am not complaining I know he has to work and frankly i like all my stuff that costs money. But it was nice to go somewhere together and see all our "peeps". Oh and he didnt tell me we had to leave early to drop off a new moniter for a customer for his computer business and I had taken my lasix so my legs wouldnt be so swollen. I dont know why I bother anymore, the lasix really doesnt seem to work like it used to for the swelling but anyway we had to stop 4 times on the way for me to pee! Hubby didnt complain or anything I guess he is used to it by now.

But my close call was today....and it was really close and scared the crap outta me. The neighborhood I live in is a u shape so alot of people use it to walk, like a walking track kinda. Its an older neighborhood and we moved in it was mostly seniors, but as time moves on alot on them have passed on or moved to nursing homes and younger families have moved in. So I should know better, I should know that people are always walking there. But today I get in my car around 2;30 to go get groceries. Its quiet and most of the church traffic has died off by then (this is SC, there is a church on every corner and when you are new to the area the first question people ask is what church do you go to? I dont go so they all think we are heathens but I refuse to be a hypocrite like so many "upstanding" members of churches I have attended) and I look in the rearview mirror to my left and to my right, no cars. So I back up and almost hit a couple of the walkers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it was so close I dont know how I didnt hit them! I was stunned because I never saw them, heard them or anything. I couldnt say I was sorry I just sat there with a stupid look my face. The man just looked and me and shook his head, the woman was as stunned as I was. I had to move there was a car behind me but I know I scared the crap outta those people! If I had hit them I would never drive again. I hate to drive anyway and avoid it if I can.

Anyway I am staying in the rest of the day where I cant kill anyone with a car.......


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Go Shorty, its ya birthday.....

I almost forgot!!! Today is the birthday of my double dog litermates, Double Deuce and Double Jeopardy!!! So a few photos of the daring duo! Jeopardy is the Canadian's heart dog, he loves that dog more than anything and the feeling is mutual. Jeopardy is a typical female though, she moons over her dad but if he isnt giving her the attention she needs she will turn the other way and not "speak" to him! Its so funny to watch them together. Deuce just loves to sleep. OH he likes us ok especially when we feed him but his heart lies on the sofa.

Happy 7th birthday babies, there will be frosty paws


Friday, April 07, 2006

Dont leave me Katie!!

I am not a big fan of change. Yeah yeah I know change is good, but I like being stuck in a rut. I like to be able to count on some things...and one thing I count on is Katie Couric in the mornings!!!!! OK so I dont have time to watch her, I just listen to the Today show while I am getting ready for work. This has been my routine for 15 years now. I love Katie, I love Matt and Al. I like them all together! wahhh... now what will I do? I never am able to watch the View because of working so I dont even know who this new lady is! I have to get used to her. I hope she has 15 years before she leaves.
I know this is a good move for Katie, she gets to sleep normal hours and who knows maybe I will watch the news with her on it. But I hate this change. Howard Stern says CBS is gonna end up screwing her over...I dont know about that..I hope not cuz I like Katie, she seems so genuine.

In other entertainment news, Eminem is divorcing again after remarrying his high school sweetie. I knew that was a disaster, that marrying the same person twice pretty much never works out. Look and Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, and Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. Its so sad though, I hate seeing another divorce.

In local news, my house is a wreck. Its hard to clean with ongoing painting and carpentry going on. Hubby has been working on the kitchen cabinets...he went through a long period where he wasnt sure what he wanted to do so I had no cabinet doors. That was kinda nice LOL. Messy but easy access. Inspiration has hit him though and now he is a man on a mission. Pictures later when I can get my wireless connection back.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GO To!!!!!

I am such a fan of this man, I remember my kids started watching him on MTV and the Canadian remarked oh that's the guy that used to hang off light poles in Ottowa. Anyway, he seems like such a down to earth guy, go to blog section...he has all kinds of cool video up. His parents seem so nice and his mom's accent is exactly like my mother in law's accent! Anyway, he says he is going to be doing all kids of new stuff that has never been seen on the net before. PLEASE check it out, you will thank me later. I hope.

Speaking of the WWW, the mom is law is flying in from Canada next weekend so I am wracking my brain thinking of how we can entertain her. She is such a nice lady, but I dont really know her that well since we live so far apart. She is widowed twice, I cant imagine how awful that must have been. Her first husband had a heart attack shoveling snow (see I knew snow was bad bad bad) and 2 years ago her second husband died while bowling, I think they said it was stomach anyrusim of something. Both pretty tragic. But she is a tough woman and still pretty young.

OHHHH That damned spider was still in the drawer when I got home last night!!! I was yakking on cellphone while cooking dinner and forgot and stuck my hand in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure the screams are still echoing! It was waiting for me I know it...they are tricky creatures. Hubby smooshed him real good for me so the drawer is safe...for now.

Dont forget to check out is the link


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spider in the silverwear drawer!!!

I was putting away the clean dishes this morning, and there was a spider in the silverwear drawer. Not a tiny spider but not a huge one either. I tried to kill it twice and it eluded me. Now its in there and I am filled with gut wrenching fear. Really this is ridiculous to be so afraid of something like spiders. But I will ask Hubby to put the silverwear away today and never reach my hand into that drawer without looking again.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Beware the fun suckers!

My kids started thier seasonal jobs this weekend so I called to see how it went. Stuffgirl said there is a new guy there and he is a fun sucker...he sucks the fun out of things. I LOVE that reminds me someone I know. Anyway, I send this out to a blooger friend Lori who is having a hard time with some people...Lori...dont let the fun suckers get you!!!!

I have been watching 24 tonight or as my friend Zambo accurately describes it "Crack TV". I love this show. I seem to be all about TV lately, I guess I dont get out much. I have all these questions about CTU in my head. Like, why is it so dark in there? Wouldnt they work more effectively in a well lit environment? Whats an infra red sweep and how is possible to do one so quickly? Do the employees at CTU have a hard time getting a life insurance policy? I cant imagine anyone would insure them, they are dropping like flies! Lastly, an observation...Chloe has the best scowl I have ever seen, I wouldnt want her to turn on me...if looks could kill! I tried to find a good scowl picture but this is the best I could do.

PS Gabby and Carlos stole a baby??? LOL Is it may sweeps already?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

OMG Meredith has a sister!!!

As you can tell I am watching Gray's Anatomy. What a night for TV if you are into that. I missed housewives though but Sopranos was so good it was worth it. I am sure they will repeat housewives pretty soon anyway.

I found the dog food place, its this little feed and seed place in the middle of nowhere. I didnt get lost getting there but I did on the way back LOL. It was such a gorgeous spring day though it was ok. I hate having to rely on my hubby so much, I know it gets on his nerves too but just think if you were used to being very independent and doing stuff for yourself and suddenly you cant do alot of stuff anymore. Really old people can do more than I can these days. I keep plugging away though!

Time change is gonna kill me tomorrow when my body says it 4 at 5am! I always take so long to get adjusted. I like having light later though.

OMG Meredith has 2 sisters!!!!!
Yeah I would be smashing things too! I am missing Big Love to watch this. I started watching that and had a dream that my husband had more than one wife and I woke up sooooo pissed at him!!! Anyone else ever do that...dream you were betrayed, and it was just a dream and you know but you still get mad at the other person?? I do, luckily I dont dream like that often.

OK i really didnt have much to say today so I am just rambling now. The picture is my boy Deuce. This is pretty much what he does. He eats and sleeps...and sleeps ALOT. He was a decent racer too, I have no idea how they motivated him to run. This is a boy that is REALLY enjoying his retirement!


Saturday, April 01, 2006

I have to go get dogfood....

I am kinda irritated with the hubby today. He is never home anymore. Not his fault, he is working 12 hour shifts and when he works he is home for about an hour before bedtime or if he is on nights I see him about an hour when I get home at 5;30 (he works 7:30-7:30. He has days off but he has a computer business on the side and lately has spent his days off running all over, fixing, tweaking and installing stuff. Again not his fault. But I have to do all the dog stuff anymore, and the one thing I ask is that he make sure we have plenty of dogfood before he starts shift since I cant haul 50 lbs bags around. I know Petty isnt it, to be upset about such things. But I cant go to the town in live in to get the dogfood...oh no...he buys the food at a place thats like an 40 minute drive. And he doesnt want to change their food so I have to go to this place...I am not even sure where it is. I have been in the van before driving by it but finding it on my own is a different story. Oh well..wish me luck....If I dont feed my dogs on time they get grumpy..I try to tell them how lucky they are and remind them of the days before they were rescued but they wont listen. I think they are spoiled now just like me LOL! But I better run before they start looking at me like I am member of the Donner party...
The picture is the Canadian and the Baby...look at the smile on that baby :)