Thursday, March 30, 2006

I have been under the weather....

I just havent felt like posting. although I have been selfishly reading everyone else's blogs. I went to the doc yesterday (on my one day off ick), I was thinking maybe I had kidney stones but she says its just infection..whatever...just give me something to make it go away. I dont know how she can tell its not stones without an xray but what do I know? I know it hurts! I dont mean to whine but it sure seems that when I hit 40 my health has just gone downhill.

One the bright side of things my friend Elizabeth had a baby boy monday! I got to see and hold him Tuesday. He was so cute just laying there looking around. They named him Griffen, I like that name! I love long as they are not mine LOL, 2 kids are plenty for me.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not feeling too great today....
So I am just gonna post the pictures from 2 weekends ago when I dogsat at my friends house. See...I TOLD you her house is nice! She is the owner of that couch that everyone seemed to love. I should have gotten more pictures and I added an older one of her dogs too. I have such good intentions to take pictures and then I forget. If you look close in the bottom picture is my friend Judy...she would KILL me if she knew I posted her picture this is our little secret ok?


Monday, March 27, 2006

I can't post pictures again.

I was going to post some dog pictures but I guess I will save that for another day. Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble?

I heard the new song by the Dixie Chicks yesterday. I am not a fan of country music. its all my parents ever listened to and I had it beat into me for years. There is some awesome country music out there but really I just choose to listen to rock or alternative. But I have always like the Dixie chicks. I think its because I just love women singers better than men. Not sure why, maybe it easier to sing along with a women? Anyway, I am sure everyone knows they dissed President Bush at the beginning of the war and lost fans, concert dates and mucho money because of what they said. Here is an article that goes into more detail

Anyway, their new song is Not ready to make nice. Great song! I admire them so much for taking the stand they have. They could have given into the record company's pressures and all the other pressure and back down and become wimpy mealy mouthed women. They would still be on top Probably if they did that but they have chosen to stand by their convictions as you tell in the song. I hope they do well with it. I am not saying I admire what they said but I admire they didnt give in and crumble. Here is a link to their website it will automatically play that song if you wanna here it.

later... hopefully with pictures!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pretty and pink!

I won a dishcloth lottery this past week! I was so excited! See, I am not a winner. I never win stuff. But what a turnaround! Ms L
Made it with her own 2 hands! It came all the way down south here to adorn my oven. The pink and black looks nice, dont you think. I had to fuss at the dogs, they thought it was a toy for them!!! Ha...but its Mine...all mine mwahaha!
I get carried away but I just love it. I doubt as if it ever be used..i'll just be content to look at it. Thank you so much Ms L!


Saturday, March 25, 2006

I have a problem with books.

I have so many books, way too many. They are taking over. I keep them mostly in the spare bedroom where they are on the bookshelves, stacked on the floor, on the desk. Literally everywhere. Well, the Canadians mom is coming for a visit soon and the Canadian has decreed the books have to go. *sigh* See, he bought paint and would like to fix that room up so WWW has somewhere nice to stay while she is here. I call her WWW after wicked witch of the west....NOT because she is wicked...she is actually a wonderful mother in law and I love her but her name was the same name as the actress who played the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz and so thats why. Anyway,I digress. (hehe...I always wanted to say that!!!!) I packed up 2 big bags of paperback books and took them to the used bookstore today. Hubby will have to help with the hardbacks but I havent even made a dent in them yet! The bookstore smelled so good, I am very strange I LOVE the smell of old books. Anyway, I came home and just went on and ordered 3 more books!!!!!!!!!!! ack!!!! So you see, I really think I have a problem. I need an intervention....after I read some more.


Friday, March 24, 2006

I had nothing to Blog about....

But thank goodness its Nicki's birthday, so I have something to say LOL! Happy birthday Nicki, you know I am 24 too, and so is Sherry...its an amazing coincidence!

I did a google image search with her name and got lots of porn stars LOLOL!!!! Hmm..she did do that tasteful bead picture though. Anyway here is the one image that wasnt a porn star...the doggie looks thrilled doesnt she?

Have a great day and we want photographic evidence of the celebrations! Drop and say hey everyone!


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The finished room! Note the crates will be moved outta there when we can. The blinds are new too, they are ok.
The sun is out today!!

But its still cold for me, so I am still waiting on spring.

You know after looking at the picture of the sticker on my helment and knowing how big my ass is, I hope people driving by dont make greyhound bus cracks! I didnt think of that!!! But I love my sticker, you cant see it but its all glittery and sparkley, so I will keep it on there anyway.

I am off today...yeah!

Here are some pictures of the paint job in the living room. It looks so good!!! Its amazing how much difference that made. Plus we got new blinds, the old ones came with the house when it bought it and they were in BAD shape. The dog crates in the living room will be moved the den when he cleans the den out, right now its just a storage area. GRRR I cant upload any more pictures. Well this one is in mid paint. I will try to post the after pictures later. Stupid blogger! The color over the french door is the new color.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I don't get it!

Spring is officially here and its cold, and grey and rainy icky icky weather. I have spring fever big time. I hate winter, and while I realize we have it easy here is SC, winter is an ugly time here. everything is grey or red clay. I know spring is coming, the birds are nesting and my allergies scream its spring! I have my greyhound glitter sticker on my helment ready for riding season too and there will be no riding this week!

We are painting the living room....translation...hubby is painting the living room and I am staying out of the way. It looks nice.


Monday, March 20, 2006

You Are Most Like Charlotte!
You are the ultimate romantic idealistYou've been hurt before, but that hasn't caused you to give up on love.If anything, your resolve to fall in love is stronger than ever.And it's this feminine optimism that men find most appealing about you.
Romantic prediction: That guy you are seeing (or crushing on)?
Could be very serious - if you play your cards right!
Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You?

I wanted to be like Miranda but I knew I would be like Charlotte!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am going to be in so much trouble for posting this!!

But I just cant help myself. Yes I am going to brag on my daughter. This was last weekend when she went to the Military ball. Isn't she lovely???? Thank goodness she doesnt look like me, she is tall and thin built ( I am short and stubby) but I sometimes wonder where did she come from? My son is the image of his dad, he looks and acts just like him, and on the phone you almost cannot tell them apart. But Stuffgirl, she looks like no one...she like herself I guess. This is the new Boyfriend, a step up from the last one I think. He had a limo for the dance (it was a friends dads limo but STILL how awesome) and she had a great time.

Dogsitting went well, her dogs are so funny. I took a few pictures and will download them later in the week. I felt for my friend, she had to go pack up her parents house and go to court next week to get excutor of the estate. She told me, " I am the baby I am not supposed to have to do this!" but there is no one left. So sad.

Sopranos was BORING tonight. To me it was. I am sure they are setting us for something but it was dull. I flipped over to Desperate housewives and it was a rerun! So I am off to try to stay awake for Greys now.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Paddy's day... a little late in the day....

I guess everyone is out celebrating now. We went out to eat and went to HH Greg to look for a new DVD player. The salelady was so nice, she noticed I was bored waiting for the Canadian, so she got me a chair and put on a DVD (charlie and the Chocolate factory) for me. She insisted I sit and watch...she was really sweet! This was before she had any idea that hubby was buying anything. We ended up getting a DVD player surround system from her. I think I will write a letter to HH Greg about how nice she was. Its extraodinary in this day and age at least from my viewpoint.

I was sooooooo happy went I got home and saw my blog intact and back! I really was afraid maybe I had lost it forever! Its not a tragedy or anything but I was sad that it might be gone...its like a part of me now. I cant believe it let me post that "crappy" post yesterday LOL.

The big "D" seems to be gone now. No one acted sick or puny so I dont which little dog it was. Just glad its over. I wouldnt trade my little snuggle dogs for anything though, I was just frustrated last night. None of my my little dogs are over 11 lbs so HOW could they output soooo much??? LOL

I won a handmade Pink dishrag from Ms L!! I am thrilled to pieces!! What a wonderful idea and very nice of her to do. I'll post a pic when it gets here :)



Thursday, March 16, 2006

I cant get on my own blog!!!!!!

I am ticked off, It says I am forbidden from viewing my own blog! I dont even know if this will post, but I will try.

Yesterday was a crappy day....literally. One of the little dogs had the big "D", and we have no idea still who it was. I cleaned up crap all night it seemed and then I woke up at 1:40 (I always look at the clock when I wake up, so I can be a good witness in case of a crime...yes officer I heard the shots at 1;40 exactly) and whoever it was decided she was too lazy to get off the bed and pooped on the bed!!!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Needless to say I am NOT impressed with my little dogs today. This is why I love my greyhounds, my greyhounds have held it for up to 13 hours before with no accidents but the little dogs, they just dont get it. I love my dogs dont get me wrong but I am not sure how much of this crap I can take. Hopefully it is dont now.

Hubby had today off and sat and watched the first season of 24 all day,,,he said once he started watching he was hooked and couldnt stop. Now he is on netflix ordering the other seasons. LOL. Its funny to watch him be hooked on a show.

Ok I better get to bed....maybe I will be back tomorrow if blogger doesnt hate me tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just another boring day in a boring life

I just dont have much to talk about today. I am tired and its early in the week. I was supposed to have my hours cut back this week but they asked me to start next week instead which doesnt make alot of sense since we will be 2 people short next week. And I still have to run errands this week too which I asked to be taken off that completely.

I will be gone this weekend. I owe some dogsitting to a friend so me and another friend will be dogsitting at her house. She has 8 dogs too and 2 poodles that were her parents that she cant find a good home for. She feels like she should keep them so I dont know if she will or not. She says the dogs are like a link to them. I have to remember my camera and take lots of pictures. She is so spoiled. She doesnt work. Has a maid and a yard man and her house is very ritzy. I always feel I am slummin LOL!! She is a just a regular gal though, some people would get snooty. Judy mentioned going to see failure to launch this weekend too. I havent told the Canadian yet I will be gone again so soon, I hope he will miss me!!

PIctures are of some the dogs I will be helping to dogsit.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I cant believe I fell asleep

during Grey's Anatomy! I am sure how much I missed but I woke up to see her corner George in the elevator. Oh well, Its hard for me to stay up past 10. Sopranos was great though I thought BUT i got an email from 2 friends that said it was slow and not as good as before. LOL I thought it was good.

Stuffgirl went the military ball saturday night, i think it was a pretty big deal. I hate this crap though, I should be the one taking her to pick out dresses for proms and stuff and instead the stepmom gets to do all that. It hurts so bad but I guess to look on the bright side I didnt have to pay for a dress. She has promised me pictures but i didnt even hear from her yesterday. GRRRR. OH my dad tells me My son Korn Fan, has been in the ROTC for a while now and is seriously considering the military!!! What the F? I didnt know, had no CLUE. Last I heard he was in a band making music. I am scared to death for anyone that joins the military these days, now he is thinking of this? I am not unpatrotic but this is my son here. But I will be supportive because its his life not mine. I will be supportive. LOL I WILL be supportive.

Picture is Baby and Hubby. She sleeps on TOP of you. I cant stand it she is too heavy for me but he doesnt mind. Makes for a cute pic huh?


Sunday, March 12, 2006

They're back, they're back!!!

The Sopranos is back! wooohoooo! I am really excited about tonights new episode. We even ordered HBO JUST for the Sorpanos. Friday night I watched the last 2 episodes from last season (which was like 15 years ago?) to catch me up again. We all all the seasons on DVd but that one. I had to watch Adrianna crawling through the leaves again...GRRRRRRRRRR I hated that!!

The glitch is Desperate housewives comes on at the same time and me with no TIVo. I am going to try the 2 channels at once thing on the TV but if I cant figure it out then housewives will have to just wait. Good thing its not coming on at the same time as Grays Atatomy cuz no way am I missing a new episode of that now! The Canadian votes for the Sopranos too which is a tough one for him if Eva Longoria is wearing lingerie again. He does love Eva in lingerie. And a guy he grew up with Currie Graham is on Housewives. He plays Lynette's Boss. He is quite good and I see him everywhere! he was on Boston Legal the other night and on House too. So nice to see someone we know make it acting, its a tough business.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Black Sweat and other stuff...

I saw the new Prince video today for the song "Black Sweat"...he's still pretty hot! But the one line about making her scream like a white lady? What does that mean? I guess Prince should know LOL. Like him or hate him but the man has style.

Work was pretty quiet after "black Wendsday", so that was good. Finally the issue of me cutting back on hours was discussed and settled and I am pretty pleased with how it was handled. I dont think The B was happy but she didnt have the final say. I will give up some benefits but get to keep my health insurance for now. I opted out of disability insurance years ago when I first started working there, so I screwed myself there but how was I to know I would get so sick when I had always been healthy? The moral of that story is NEVER take your health for granted and get lots of insurance while you are healthy and can get it!

So the week ended better and to top it off I got a card from the Secret pal with the COOLEST stickers ever!! They dont show up really great in the picture but they are doggies and glittery flamingos! They make me smile whenever I look at the them...I have to decide where to stick them!! Thanks to my Secret pal!!

Oh I heard that there is a problem with the razr phones dropping calls and stuff and its such an issue that cingular stopped selling them!!!! ACK!! But I use mine ALOT and have not had but one dropped call. I had dropped calls all the time on Sprint but I think that was the sprint network rather than the phone. Anyway I hope I dont have any problems cuz I love my pink phone!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Worse than I expected...

Work was worse than I expected. I was ridiculed and humilated in front of my co workers. However, only 2 or 3 people were paying attention evidently so thats good. The funny thing it was not about work, it was about how messy my desk was. So I did very little actual work and cleaned for 2 hours LOL. See, they dont have a cleaning service just a woman that comes in once a month and she is not supposed to clean the desks. I havent had time to clean it, since I am always bogged down with work. Well, it seems like thats all she could find. I want to quit but hubby is against it. I dont understand, he is usually so supportive. Its not like I make scads of money, I could go anywhere for what they pay me. Well I will tough it out for now. She had a point, my desk was bad, but the way she treated me was humilating. I guess I cant get but so mad since she was right but there is a right and wrong way to handle things.

Oh the magazines were People and hairstyle magazines. The peoples were mine, I have a subscrption and took them in to share when I was done. I dont get the hairstyle magazines though. The girls I work with look at those for hours and hours! My hair will never ever look like that so why bother? they really like them though. Must be a youth thing LOL.

I am off to feed dogs and get ready for work. Cant wait to see what today holds there haha!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I usually do not talk about my work on here....

but its no secret that I despise my job. I really dreaded going back after vacation and I made the mistake of calling a co worker to see what went on this past week. We cant talk at work at all, we all are one big room and there is no privacy at all. Anyway she tells me that the B (the boss or you can substitute another work there LOL) went through my desk, through all my stuff looking for crap. I know this is true because she did to the co worker when she was out having surgery. Also the B threw fits about magazines in the break area and threw them all away. Of course they were mostly mine so I guess I will yelled at for that. I dont know how much longer I can put up with this shit.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Damn you pretty pear trees!!

It started when I was away and now its full force allergy time for me. I came home and all the bradford pear trees are in full bloom. They are spring looking and pretty and I hate them LOL. It signals the start of more allergies to come for spring. I am not complaining I am way ready for spring, but sneezing coughing and itchy eyes I can do without. My daughter calls the pear trees fish trees cuz she says they smell like dead fish. She does have a point, they do not smell good.

I am dreading going back to work tomorrow, my boss usually makes me pay for being gone by bringing me all the mistakes she has found of mine and shoving them under my nose before I have to chance to settle in. Thats the usual pattern anyway. She loves the girl the comes in and works in my place though so maybe she will go easy this time. I dread just getting up in the morning. Hubby is on nights for 2 more nights so I have dog chores but I told him if they stay outside too long and I dont have time to feed them he will have to when he gets home. Actually that might be better for him cuz after they eat they are all ready for a nap. Ha! I laugh when people ask me if greyhounds are a hyper breed because they race them. Mine sleep at least 20 hours out of 24! When I retire I want to life as good as these dogs do here!


Monday, March 06, 2006

I got a package from my Secret pal!!!!!

when I got home from the grocery store today hubby had checked the mail and get this...he tore off the postmark so I couldnt peek after I told him it was from my pal! I LOVE all my stuff!! I got chocolate, really really GOOD chocolate (like there is bad chocolate??), carmel apple scented candle and the cutest magnets ever!!! Thank you thank you thank you Bumby! I had a hard time photographing the magnets but this was the best pic. I forgot the candle in the picture because it was already burning , hehe I wasted no time getting it lit.

Again thanks to my Secret pal and to Sherry too for making it all possible....


and here is the view from the causeway as we were leaving the island. Goodbye until next year! This concludes the boring "My vacation" Slideshow

This is not the best picture but Its the Old portion of the Jeykll Island Club looking from the Vanderbelt house. We took a paid tour so we could go in some of those old "cottages", man those Vanderbelts knew how to live!

here is a picture from the party we went too, there were so many people and dogs in a small hotel room but this dog just took over the couch! Thats Bec with her hand around the dog ( I cant remember that dogs name, there were over 300 greyhounds at Sandy Paws) and Judy is to the left of her. The other lady is Brenda, she is from Ohio...Yeah I remembered her name!

Here is my dinner the first night, we went to one of the fancier places on the island. It was soooooooooooo good.

Back to reality

I am recovered from my trip I guess. I still havent done the laundry yet, we all know how the after trip laundry is! I have one more day off and yes I will be doing laundry.

I had a blast. I wish I had been able to do more though, the room was really far away from the main hotel where all the events were taking place and I had to rely on someone to drive to places. I cant walk like I used to, I would have tried it if there wasnt so much other walking and standing. But still I had fun. The girls I went with, my peeps LOL are so damn funny, they kept me laughing the whole time! I am posting one picture of all us. This is probably the only picture of myself you will see for a long time because I hate the way I photograph these days. I am sure you see why, I am the one with all the chins on the left.

The shopping was to die for! There were fewer vendors this year they claimed but it sure didnt seem like it. I spent WAY too much money! But there is nowhere else to find all the cool greyhound stuff. Online but you have to pay postage. I got a really cool new watch (I really needed a new one, I was wearing a christmas watch LOL) and 3 sparkley tops that are dressy enough for work and one tie dyed tshirt. I bought 2 tank tops for hot weather too, they arent really flattering but the heat in SC is not something I can handle without tank tops. Sorry world you have to see my flabby arms, just look away but I will be comfy!

My friend Cindy was odd this time, I dont think she really wanted to be there or something. I know she was looking forward to going so maybe I just imagined it. She was constantly in a hurry. OHHHH funny story...Bec talked Judy into bicycling the island with her. Bec is really athletic and in shape and Judy not as much since she works a sit down job like me. Judy was whining that her ass and private area hurt her from all the biking (they did over 10 miles) and Bec told her to call Bec's husband and he would feel sorry for her because Bec is always making him do crazy stuff. So she calls him and starts telling him in great detail what hurts and where , and he was very quiet. Then she asked if he was in a meeting or something and he said "That would be correct"...HAHAHA!!! I hope he didnt have her on speakerphone!!! HA!!!!!

One a different note, my husband is sleeping all the time anymore since he started this job. Yesterday he was off and was asleep when I got home and stayed that way for 2 hours. Today he slept alot but he is working tonight. It just seems like he is sleeping more than what is normal but I dont know. He is prone to depression and sleeping is a big indicator so I worry about that. Anyone else out there have any advice? Is it common to sleep this much when on shift work?

I may have to post one pic at a time.


Sunday, March 05, 2006


Stupid hotel only had wireless in the lobby, made me mad. It was always too loud in there to concentrate so I didnt even try. But I had a great time!! I am exhautsed, and will post more later and yes I did get pictures but need to download them.

The dog is Wylie, I like how she crosses her legs when she sleeps!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

I am on my way!

Everything is ready and I am ready, will be heading out soon. I hope my laptop will work ok there, this is the first time I have taken it off the desk since I got it LOL.

Yesterday was so pretty, and it was nice to be off. I got lots done and Hubby was off too so we even got to ride the Harley to the tax place to sign our taxes. I havent been on the Harley in months, so that was really fun. I have been so envious of the bikes that I see out while running my work errands lately, and I got to be one of those people I envy. Its too dark and cold by the time I get home from work to even think about riding!

The dog is my Min pin Mocha. she is 6 years old and a real brat. She loves her mom and sits in my computer with me. Here she is waiting for me to come home!

I am off later!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Can You say VACATION???

I knew you could! I am officially on vacation. We had to rethink our plans however when Cindy came down with the Flu! Joyce has the Flu too so she may not go. Cindy went to the doc and has the ok to be out in public again on Thursday so we are leaving tomorrow instead of today. Which is ok by me since I wasnt all that ready yet. And I got to sleep in and hang out on a weekday at home! Cant beat that. I have my hubby back too, he had been ill and grouchy and sleeping all the time. He said he had a migraine, but I think it had something to do with his Zoloft doasge. I went and got it filled for him last night so he is on the right dosage again. That stuff has really worked for him and his moods and depression. I get scared when he starts sleeping all the time that the depression is coming back. I love him either way but life is better without depression. But then he is prone to migraines too so it could be that. I have never had a migraine but its knocks him completely out for hours, he has to lay in the dark and sleep it off.

But I am thrilled not to be at work and thrilled to be at home! Cindy wants to leave me to leave here at 6;30 am tomorrow...ack! But it will be worth it. Hubby got my laptop done so its ready to go, hopefully I can post some pictures from there.