Saturday, July 26, 2008

coolest coffee maker EVER!

our boss at work just got one of these for the office. At first I was not happy, we didnt need a coffee maker, we have so much other stuff we need more...a new microwave for once since the one thats there is like 13 years old and barely runs. But we tried it and I am in LOVE!!! I love this thing so much!!! Its awesome!! We just bought a new coffee maker here at home so i cant get one for here yet but its going to be my next coffeemaker for sure.

My best friend at work and my partner in my department is quitting to go back to school. Great for her, but I am so sad. its gonna suck so bad there without her. only 5 more months left.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Henna tattoos kinda suck.

And I do too i guess since I havent posted in a week lol. Anyway here is a pic of the Tattoo. Looks great huh? The issue I have is its gone already. Was supposed to last 45-60 days. It lasted less than 14 days! Maybe I am am too cleanly or something. Anyway, it was a big disappointment.

My blood levels continue to be all screwed up for no apparant reason. So I am back to bloodwork every week again!

My mom is sick of the rehab place and wants to go home but found out that since that they make the people that live alone stay in longer since they wont have help at home. Makes sense but she is disappointed. She says its a great place but she is ready to come home. She is back to complaining, not as bad as before though. I am sure my brother is happy not to have to worry so much about her in there like he does when she is at home.

We had a terrific storm here this week but no tropical despressions came this way.


Monday, July 14, 2008

I suck at posting lately...

Dunno what is up with me not posting much but I have been burnt out on blogging...yet at the same time cannot give it up either LOL. So for now I will just post whenever :)

All those pics above are views from our hotel room last weekend. It was such an awesome time but I am so glad to be home and I wanna stay here with no trips for a while!

I was gonna post pics of my henna tattoo but i forgot they are on my camera. I have to upload them lol, I promise I will post them though:) I got a greyhound. They say they last for 45 days but at 2 weeks its really faded already. I like it though. Dunno if I would get another one or not.

My mom has found nothing to complain about the nursing home! She is very complimentary which is awesome for must be a great place. Its all private rooms which is a big plus. She had a bit of a setback when she fell last week so she will probably be in there a bit longer. Good thing she likes it ok. They work those people to death though with the rehab lol. Its a good thing but she is not used to working like that.

The only other thing of note is my coumadin levels have been all over the place so they are adjusting my levels and I have to go in for blood work every week again. Blech. The lady at the front desk doesnt even ask my name anymore, she knows me and thats a big busy office.

Work is work. A new girl starts today. They seem to fire people alot these days.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I ain't nothing but tired....

So its been so crazy for me lately. I don't travel often and had 3 out of town trips back to back so I am so behind on everything. I caught up some of blog reading today but got no cleaning or laundry done. My house is not that bad yet but will be soon if I don't stay home and get all my housework done! Today I was off but i had 2 docs appointments and errands (drugstore, groceries ect) mom is a rehab nursing home until she can get back on her feet, they are thinking another week or 2. She wont say if she likes it but I think she does even though they are working her to death. LOL they don't call it rehab for nothing :). She has a much better attitude than she has had since even before dad died so I am thinking this is a good thing. She goes to the dining room for all her meals so I know she is not lonely like she was before.

My engagement ring broke while I was on vacation and I had to pick a new setting, it makes me sad because this ring means so much to me. They are going to try to match it as close as they can.

My work is very strange. My boss has been in a horrible mood and I am so paranoid I think she just hates me now. Who knows, she claims she is not moody but she is.

I got a henna tattoo! I just love it. Wish I could get a real one. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

anyway that's a pretty boring update on things meaningless LOL. The pic was from last month before mom was in the hospital its mom me and my kids.


Monday, July 07, 2008

There's no place like home....

I am home and I am tired! All I will says is I will never travel on a holiday weekend again, the traffic yesterday was the worse I ever been in! Where did all that humanity come from????

I have to go to work today, I wish I had taken an extra day. Blech.

I did have a wonderful time except when my engagement broke in 2 pieces. More on all that later.

My mom is a rehab facility for 2 weeks, she has been going to the dining hall for all her meals so she isnt lonely LOL. I dont think she hates it there but she wants to get home. She knows she has to work hard though.

Ok thats a short version...more later.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This is were I am right now. I am not taking my laptop so I'll see you all next week!

My mom is slowly getting better, they are releasing her to a rehab nursing home before she can go home. I think she will love it there, its a brand new place and there will be lots of people so she wont be lonely.

Happy 4th and a big thank you to all our troops