Saturday, December 18, 2010

Max has parvo. I should have known not to get a puppy this year, this year has been the year from hell. He is in the vet hospital, we are looking at about 1000.oo vet bill if he pulls though or not. It only took 2 weeks for me to love him, and him to love me. 2 weeks to a broken heart if he doesn't make it

Friday, December 10, 2010

Max is here!

well we got the puppy Tuesday. Hubby swore the puppy would NOT be sleeping in the bed with us, but he has every night so far lol. He is adorable, and has panic attacks when he cant find one of us. The other dogs are not too impressed so far but they will deal lol. They hate sharing attention, but there is lots of attention to go around. We named him Max after the Grinch's cartoon dog, because he looks like him. He has already figured out his name i think anyway. Potty training is an issue, the Canadian doesn't want to use a crate for him and so far training has been unsuccessful. Hopefully he will catch on soon and hopefully we will get a warm up so he will want to be outside

Feeling better this week. Yay. way better. Still wear out easy and still eating everything in sight. I hope i can get off the predisone before i go into a diabetic coma lol.

More excited about Christmas this year than i have been in a long time. I'll be home for Christmas for reals :):)

Picture was done tonight, Icarus and Max doing a bit of bonding :)


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....

And the goose , well that would be me lol. Predisone makes me wanna eat everything anything anytime!! Its crazy, i had very little will power before but now...well there is NONE. I made sugar cookies today and eat them right out of the oven before they cooled! I couldn't wait lol. Of course they are better that way anyway. My face is already gotten the "puffy" look that people on Steroids have.

But i feel better so i cant complain but so much, I would rather be fat and alive than svelte and dead. LOL. And i do feel better, its a slow process, very slow but i am getting better. I can feel it. I also found out the vacuuming is prolly a no no right now, but i can sweep ok go figure.

Got some Christmas shopping done this weekend, by myself. Last week i wouldn't have even tried that but its all about feeling better. I went early and its wasn't too bad, the worst part was the check out lines. Online shopping was a bust, although i did use amazon for some stuff. Every site i went to they didn't have the size i needed or it was out of stock. It was frustrating, I was counting on doing most of my shopping online but oh well.

I am excited about Christmas for the first time in years!! I cant wait for my Christmas day lunch with the family. I am still hoping for an i pad but alas its just too much. Stupid Apple and its stupid high prices lol.

OH well , i guess we are getting a puppy. I emailed the lady and told her this is bad time, and she understood but then she sent a picture of the pup. The Canadian saw the pic and i did too and it was instant LOVE. Dammit. I wont post the pic here, i don't know if i can yet. But you will see when i can post pics what a doll this little fella is. He looks like a brown Brindle. The girls at work think i am CRAZY, literally. The crazy Greyhound lady. That's me. Anyway i think the rescue group is getting him next week, so we will have him soon I guess. Anyone have a puppy sized belly band? lol


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Major good news :)

According to my blood work the meds are working and my body is no longer rejecting its own liver :) Doc was very pleased and even smiled lol. My blood results are dramatic, its strange what your own body can do it itself. So hopefully the trend will continue. He says i will be on the anti rejection drug for "a long long time" whatever that means but he reduced the steroids thankfully. Maybe i wont be such a bitch or so maudlin, and maybe i can sleep better too.

My legs have been bothering me too but he thinks its because i haven't had my b-12 shot since the biopsy, so i need to get one of those soon.

And of all things, we got an email from the greyhound rescue group that puppies will be available. Grey pups are hard to get, its prolly an opps litter that they cant register. So we are torn about this, we want another greyhound puppy, we have raised 2 now but the timing kinda sucks. I don't even know what to tell her. We get first dibs since we helped found the group. But also i know if we don't take it they will find good homes. EVERYONE wants puppies. We are very happy with the pack we have now, do we wanna throw another pup in here? LOL.

What say u?


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So do you feel ANY better yet?

This is the question i am getting asked this week. I guess people think after 3 weeks on the meds something should be different. Its frustrating, I don't really feel better, in fact last week it was worse but i really think a lot of it is of the medicine. This is some strong shit I am on lol.

So I feel like i am under a microscope, everyone is watching me to see ...what? I don't even what is normal anymore lol.

But knock on wood, i did feel a smidge better yesterday and today. I dont wanna even jinx things by saying that. And its not much of a difference. Time will tell. I see the doctor on Monday and the weekly blood tests should tell if i am really getting better.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mel's Gadgets :)

Week 2 of the meds, i have had some bad days but then some days are ok. The doctor doesn't think i should be working at all but what else would i do? Sit around and mope and get depressed? Nope. I need money anyway for all my fun gadgets. I love gadgets lol!! Plus my work is not hard, stressful sometimes but not physical.

Speaking of gadgets, I love my Nook, although sometimes i think i should have gotten a kindle but the instant i want a book I can get it. Instantly. Awesome. Another great gadget is my droid phone. It does so much stuff but making a call is challenge sometimes go figure :) I downloaded Mansfield park on it and listen to it at work.

And my 3rd best gadget ( this is like Oprah's fav things....Mel's Fav things...think I could get a talk show?) Is my DVR. I am a child of television, i love TV. always have. I was not one of those mothers that wouldn't let my kids watch TV....i watched and I am not a serial killer. But the DVR is great, i can watch what i want when i want, I can leave in the middle of movie and pause it.

Last best gadget is my Kreurig coffee maker. I was off my coffee for a while, just didnt want it but the urge is starting to come back to drink more coffee. Its funny how when u r sick your tastes change in food. Anyway, instant cup of perfect coffee in seconds, you cant beat it. Plus there are flavored coffees galore out there for it.

Oops cant forget my i pod touch. Thats been on my fav list for several years now. I like the instant song thing too :)

OK i guess I am done. I am not get any $$ for endorsing this stuff, but next on my want list is an ipad. Why? I don't know why I just want one lol. So if anyone wants to talk to Steve jobs or whoever is in charge there , maybe i could product test?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good times :)

I started my meds Tuesday, so far i am not sure if i see small improvements or not. It still hurts, and the predisone is working on my attitude big time. I am ill tempered and i know its the drugs so I am trying to not bitch whine gripe fuss whatever. At home its easy, at work its hard to not lash out. But i am trying lol The good news is i am tolerating the anti rejection drugs well, now if it works.

Nothing else is really going on around here this week. I havent felt like doing much. Thought about trying to do some Christmas shopping this morning but the sales are still not great yet. I am a bargain shopper, lol or i try to be anyway.

I am trying to stay upbeat. Its hard, I wanna do normal stuff and I cant really do much of anything. Ugh. I am fighter though and i am NOT going to give up.

Maybe soon I will have good news for the blog. What a bummer this is to my readers lol.